Driving Impressions - Update...996TT/GT2 conversion by Mikelly

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Driving Impressions - Update...996TT/GT2 conversion 

Compliments of Mikelly @ renntrack.com


So it's been a while since I did the front half of the GT2 Conversion for my 2001 996TT. The car had been at Paul Overstreet's European Performance being diagnosed for a wheel bearing for a few weeks, and I'd given Paul the go-ahead to drive the car so he could hear what I'd been hearing. Paul could never get the car to make that front right corner "growling" sound, so I bought the bearings from him and took the car home... to DRIVE IT!!! Did I mention I missed driving this thing?

So picking it up Tuesday afternoon of this past week, the first thing that grabs you is just how much less steering effort is required. Removing that front drive and axles really did change the feel, and turn in is so much better. Later response to corner entry makes the car so much happier than before, which wasn't bad. It's just that this is so much better.

I truly do enjoy piloting this thing around. It gets so much positive attention. People seem to love it wherever we drive it and driving it is so much easier these days, without worrying about a clutch accumilator or slave going out. I commuted in it 75 miles each way to my client site on Thursday and even in Northern Va. commuting traffic the car just plods along without fuss. Doing the GT2 Conversion is probably the best mod done since buying this car... it just feels so much more lively.

What did we do?
GT2 Front and Rear aero to include the fully functional front radiator ducting
GT2 Slave Cylinder modification to the clutch hydraulics
GT2 plastics in the fenderwells
GT2 Rideheight and setup via split control arms/thrust bushings/coil overs
GT2/3 6piston calipers with 350MM rotors front and rear
RWD complete conversion to include removing the front differential, axles, driveshaft


Drove the car again today from my home to a client site, 75 miles each way. Was perfectly docile in traffic and well manored until I needed the added power to "merge into and thru traffic". Nothing like leather, HVAC, and knocking down 26mpg when setting the cruise control on 74mph!

Some have commented that "you'd be better off just buying a GT2". Reality is that when I bought my car back in 2007, used GT2 market prices were still above $100K. I bought my car with the rear half done, the turbo upgrades, many of the suspension upgrades, and other mods for less than $71K with 9K miles on it. I've since spent $23K on all my track mods, New transaxle build/upgrade, the suspension mods, brake mods, GT2 front conversion, software/fuel/wastegate upgrades, and track wheels/tires/bigger brake rotor spares. Add to that the 20K miles I've enjoyed it over the last four years, on and off track... Not a bad investment over time, in my opinion!


I have an LSD (Guards 60/40) and my car has been at the power levels I'm at for quite a long time without ever breaking an axle. I'm running a fairly adjustable suspension system and the car has been at GT2 ride heights for a long long time (since before I bought it 4.5 years ago). Not sure how you're breaking axles.  

Beware that installing an LSD in our transaxles adds more heat. We don't have heat exchangers/pumps, like the GT2/3 does, so if you plan to instal an LSD, also budget for an upgrade to a trasaxle pump and cooler.