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Bosch distributor parts 

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Does anyone know a source for Bosch distributor parts? I have four spare standard V4 Bosch distributors (JFU4) that I want to freshen up, but I can't find a place that sells overhaul kits.


I've taken apart and cleaned three out of four distributors now, quite pleased with what I've found so far:

Still haven't found a parts source, guess I'll have to use some of my creativity. These plastic parts for example have become brittle after all those years and are begging to be replaced:

Might make something out off brass on the lathe.

What strikes me is that there is almost no play at the shafts. I expected I would need to sleeve the bores, but but they're all four good enough to leave them as the are.

I'll rebuild one with Pertronix ignition, one with a Bosch hall-system from a MKII Volkswagen Golf, one with a Newtronic set from the '70's or '80's and the last one with points.

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