Engine gasket sets by melle

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Engine gasket sets 

Compliments of melle @ saab-v4.co.uk


Has anyone tried these and are they any good:

The most important gaskets seem to be proper Victor Reinz stuff.

I've used a full set of these before, but they're rubbish:


Also tried these, but same poor quality:


Hard to find decent brand sets (Elring, Victor Reinz etc.) these days... Any further tips for good suppliers?


Yes, please do so! Which one did you buy?

PS: the copper gaskets are much delayed, very annoying, I'll email you to hear if you're still interested when I have more info.

Blew a head gasket from the middle set within 20,000 miles. Haven't used the head gaskets from the middle set yet, but I got one with the red beading and one without I discovered lately (bought that set a couple of years ago). The fitting of the inlet gaskets from both the middle and the last set is terrible and also all the other paper gaskets from both sets are pretty rough cuts. The set in the top picture looks good though, but haven't tried that one yet.


Hope you haven't opened up too many holes, as only a few should be open to guarantee a correct water flow. These are the holes that should be open:

Many holes in standard head gaskets are redundant (openings only in either heads or deck), god knows why they're there.

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