Fuel pump/ carburettor membrane material by melle

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Fuel pump/ carburettor membrane material 

Compliments of melle @ saab-v4.co.uk


Where do I buy material to cut new membranes for fuel pumps and carburettors? I'm too thrifty to buy new Weber choke and power valve diaphragms whilst it's easy enough to replace the membranes.

Same for fuel pumps, why throw good pump bodies away instead of simply replacing the membrane? Seems to be a very uncommon idea these days...


Does anyone know what thickness I should buy for a fuel pump? I don't have one here to measure the membrane... 0.5mm should do for the carb diaphragms.


Hmm, the Weber membranes measure 0.1mm, so 0.5 Viton seems a bit too much. Might just try it though if I can't find thinner stuff. If it doesn't work I can always revert and buy new parts.


Result! Laser cut out of (imitation) Viton I bought off eBay:

The others are paper gaskets for a Weber 32/36 DGAV.


I'm using an M2 bolt with a countersunk head.

 I anticipated on your question, come pick some up at your nearest leisure.

Derek: the membranes you see in the photo are for the power valve and the choke of a Weber 32/36DGAV carb, those will be installed using an M2 bolt and medium strength thread lock. I haven't cut a fuel pump membrane yet, but you're absolutely right that this will be under significant stress during its life. Luckily I can use a bigger diameter and longer bolt there, now with a stronger type Loctite/ PermaBond. Using a blind rivet might be an even better alternative though, any opinions?

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