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Head gasket bore 

Compliments of melle @ saab-v4.co.uk


I'm thinking of having a batch of copper head gaskets made and wondered if it would be OK to have the bores cut at 93mm, so they can accommodate both standard and (max) over-size pistons. Or would it be a problem to use an over-bore head gasket with standard pistons? From memory bores on standard gaskets are about 92mm already, so I expect no problems, asking just to be sure.


No one?

Thinking of having a batch of ten sets made at around €30.00 per set (2 1,0mm copper gaskets per set, water jet cut). Also copper exhaust gaskets. Let me know if you're interested, this is a non-commercial venture.

Seems my explanation was unclear: gasket bore is bigger than cylinder bore, so piston travel is not relevant I think?

Copper gaskets can be made at any preferred thickness (they won't compress), they can withstand high pressure and will never blow and they can be reused (if treated properly). Price is also pretty competitive I would say.




Ade, thanks for the input, I'm still studying your suggestions, would be stupid to have gaskets cut that are bound to give trouble. Does anyone here have hands-on experience with copper gaskets on a V4?

In the meantime, I've done a CAD-drawing to to have some cardboard models lase cut for test fitting:


Improved a bit on the previous drawing. Many of the holes in the standard gaskets I used as a model are useless, so they're left out now:

Also changed the view from 'bottom' to 'top' for clarity.


I'll order a second batch on Tuesday. I can offer a set of two head gaskets (93mm) and two exhaust gaskets (44mm) to UK Saabists at £46.00 (P&P included). It might be cheaper to have them cut locally though! Please note the edges are a bit rough due to the softness of the material and will need a little smoothing with sandpaper before assembly. I believe this is a quality product, but application of these gaskets is at own risk and there is no guarantee, as this offer is strictly non-commercial.


I have two sets left, email me at saabv4[at]saabv4.com if you're interested, they're £46.00 posted per set. I have a UK bank account for payment.

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