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Compliments of melle @ saab-v4.co.uk


I'm currently working on a VeGe 1.5HC engine I recently acquired. It's in good condition and I only have time and no cash to invest in it, so my possibilities are limited to removing redundant material. I'm not after a high rev race engine, but a bit of smoothness and extra bottom torque would be nice. Does opening up the inlet ports (as per S&R specs) in the heads and inlet manifold lead to increased fuel consumption, or does this just guarantee better flow? Valves are in very good condition and will be kept, exhaust ports will be opened up.


Thanks! I've done some further reading on the net and decided to only attack the exhaust ports for now. I have a Jetex on my 96 and I'm considering building an exhaust myself for my 95. I'd like to have something a bit less restrictive than the standard exhaust, but without the Jetex looks.


OK hillbilly, here we go!

I started marking the new port size (44mm) with a template and a scriber:

Then used my pillar drill as a milling machine (2350rpm):

Realised too late it's not too smart to cut straight down:

My father in law used to be a blacksmith, he'll arc weld the hole up with a dedicated electrode.

Only needs a bit of fine tuning and polishing now (time is up for now unfortunately...):

Old versus new:

Next time I'll do it in two stages. I'll use the tapered bit I used now for milling the port to approx. 41-42mm and a chamfer bit for the rest.

And that price was excluding 21% vat...


I'm not after a full spec race engine, just trying to improve a bit on standard with the tools and knowledge I have at hand. Trying to improve on the latter here, so thanks for your feedback!

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