1998 Subaru Impreza

By Pseudo_Mechanic
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In this video I make more pieces of the C pillar on the station wagon to hatchback conversion.


I make a new window opening out of some sheet metal. 

a long video with more of the process of forming and welding all at standard playback speed.


Full length video of making a sill plate to fill the hole left by moving the door pillar.


I finish the C pillar and get the window frame closed up. These videos take a lot of time. If you like them and want to see me do more and better things please support the channel. You can find me on patreon and PayPal


Man this is a ton of work, lots of chances to show off your skills. I like how you go into each section of the bodywork. You’d think doing something like this would t be too hard but there’s a lot of decisions to make with each panel.

Posted by MPower on 10/31/20 @ 3:07:24 AM

This is going to look sick, always wondered why Subaru didn’t make a true hatchback.

Posted by miatamatt on 10/28/20 @ 11:48:40 PM