1998 Subaru Impreza

By Pseudo_Mechanic
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In this video I build, or refashion, the drivers side C- D pillar making the wagon a true 3 door short hatchback. I use a different technique because i learned a few things doing the other side. The car is now not symmetric due to differences in the rear side window openings being different. I will go back and do a little work on the passengers side to get it to match the drivers side, which is better.


In this video (1 of 2) I make the rear door of the Impreza wider. When I installed the rear section of the car I had to cut it in three pieces and widen it to match the body lines of the car. By doing that the lines flow nicely and it appears that it could have been built that way stock. To match the width of the rear c pillar and fender I decided to cut the door into three pieces and add some filler panels to get everything to fit just right.


In this video I discuss design aesthetics and make some metal panels to tie the roof, door opening, window sill and rear door together.


In this video I make the window opening for the passenger side using part of the original door, some flat sheet metal and some 90 degree bends. I also use the shrinker and stretcher to make a piece curve in two directions. And of course the angle grinder gets some action.


Man this is a ton of work, lots of chances to show off your skills. I like how you go into each section of the bodywork. You’d think doing something like this would t be too hard but there’s a lot of decisions to make with each panel.

Posted by MPower on 10/31/20 @ 3:07:24 AM

This is going to look sick, always wondered why Subaru didn’t make a true hatchback.

Posted by miatamatt on 10/28/20 @ 11:48:40 PM