It is possible! diy GR front seats in a GD/GG body! by antho!

By diyauto
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It is possible! diy GR front seats in a GD/GG body!

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*so yeah, diy GR front seats in a GD/GG’s really not too hard...cliff notes: use GR seat parts on GD/GG base...below are references for my diy...enjoy

-GR seats into FXT (same procedure as my diy):

-how to remove seats: and

but first, some useful info – GR seats are not a direct bolt on because only the front 2 mounting points are perfect; one of the rear mounting points is close, but the other is about 2” off (see pics below) – so the only other feasible option is a custom seat rail

- passenger seat

cliff notes: use GR seats parts on GD/GG seat base and rails

1. remove all trim

2. disassemble GD seat back and bottom from GD base (remove 2 x 12mm bolts on each side)

3. disassemble GR seat back and bottom from GR base (unhook the seat bottom skin from under)

4. assemble GR bottom onto GD base, then assemble GR seat back

5. use GR trim (no pop clip required for front most part of trim)

- driver seat

cliff notes: use GR seat frame on GD rails, modification required

1. disassemble GD rails from GD base (3 x 12mm bolts and 1 gold torx-50 bolt), and disassemble GR rails from GR base (4 x 12mm bolts) 

* make sure you raise your seat to the highest position; top bolt in front, bottom bolt in rear

2. modify rear outside bolt on GR frame (where the gold torx-50 bolt goes on the GD rails)

* use a dremel to cut welds and remove bolt – this allows the gold torx-50 bolt to connect the GR frame to GD rails

3. use a rubber mallet to make the necessary adjustments to fit all mounting points (about 1/4" too narrow)


final pics


sorry everyone - i got super lazy on writing about the rears, but i'm also not 100% happy with them. here's the basics of what i did:

- rewrapped the seat backs with the GR seat foam and skin
- used the GR seat bottom (not 100% happy with)
- fabricated front mounting hooks
- modified rear mounting hook
- added foam underneath

so i'm gonna figure out a way to redo them and keep everyone updated...16 days left in iraq