Rear Seat Accessory outlet/cargo light - 03 TS by lmbmusic

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Rear Seat Accessory outlet/cargo light - 03 TS

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So searching through scooby mods i came across this thread:

CN: Its a DIY to add a cargo light to the back of the TS wagon. The MY02 OBS have the cargo light, however the TS does not but does have the wiring back there for it. 

This DIY im writing is mostly for the 12V accessory part but i did both at the same time. 

anyways after reading that write up i decide I too wanted the rear cargo light so i did the research and found the parts needed:

NOTE: neither the bracket nor the light come with the screws to hold them together so i had to find some. Both part numbers are there but here they are again:

Cargo Light: 784671050

Bracket: 84927F1050

After gathering the parts i was driving home and notice an 02 OBS in a parking lot. I stopped to look in the trunk to see what the light really looked light and noticed it also have a 12V accessory outlet(cigarette lighter outlet). So i said if im doing this cargo light install and the wiring IS THERE, then i can aslo assume that the 12V accessory light is ALSO there.

Now i wanted both and went in search of the 12v outlet. I went to a junkyard and pulled this off an older outback:

notice the outlet itself is 3 pieces. Then there is that black panel piece. The panel piece holds the outlet in place and doesnt let it twist since the outlet is cylindrical. i couldnt find part numbers for any of the pieces and the number on the black panel i couldnt find. Either way thats what it looks like. I decided that i didnt really like it too much and bought this one from Digikey. I forgot the part number but ill edit this post and add it:

Notice it has a bezel which will make for easier mounting. The part was only $3 and the subaru outlet i believe is over $20

Now that i have the parts i started removing the panel in the trunk:

This pic is stock. The red box indicates where i found both harnesses.

Going back to the scooby mods thread you will find how to remove that rear panel.

Anyways after opening up the panel you will see this:

better look:

In the first pic in the red box you can see part of the clips. You will need to cut a tape band thats holding the clips wiring to the rear taillights wiring. 

Once thats done you will have this:

After finding both clips you can now cut away for the cargolight (scoobymods) and pick a spot for the outlet. When you remove the rear panel you will notice an indentation in the sound deadening material so just about anywhere you can mount the outlet.

Now the wiring and electrical is all set for the cargo light. But the outlet will require something extra in the fuse/relay box area.

To get at the fuse cover you have to remove 2 screws and a screw clip under the steering wheel:

Once removed just pull the cover off, it has three clips holding it together. The clips are located at the very top of the piece 2 on the left side 1 on the right.

Now i dont have any schematics on this i just followed the wire and some directions previously written on this topic. Anyways i had to add a relay into position 1:

Also you are suppose to add a 20 Amp fuse. However in my TS i already had the fuse in the correct position:

The red box on the top of the pic shows where the location for the cargo socket fuse goes and the red box on the bottom right of the screen shows the fuse itself.

Also for anyone who cares i added keyless entry to the car and its located on the very top of the fuse box here:

Its the big black box lying flat on the roof 

SO here is the final product:

I hope this helps alot of people. Thanks to members (outback_97) and (alan) for ideas/help with this


If unable to find some screws that fix.
The tapping screws (2) part number 045104103.

I suggest getting a couple of clips for the trunk liner, just is case they break when removing them.
Part number 99045FE010ML.

Good call on the clips. i did break one when i removed it but i did pick up spares