Brandon's 2012 ISM STI Build GR Sedan by evans609

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Brandon's 2012 ISM STI Build GR Sedan

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Hey everyone,

I figured I'd start a thread seeing I have a few things done and plan on doing a lot of things to my car. So here goes...

Previous cars:

1999 Buick Century

2001 Chevy Cavalier 

2004 Olds Alero

2004 Nissan Sentra (first std)

2006 Mazda 6 GT

2011 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T

Winter Beater/Daily cars while owning my STI

2003 Volvo S40

2004 Chrysler Sebring

2010 Mitsubishi Ralliart (current daily car)

My current mod list


CP 99.5mm/ 8.2 comp forged pistons 

Tomei equal length header

Tomei Uppipe 

Invidia divorced wastegate/catless

Nameless Performance muffler delete

Perrin BPV

Perrin pulley and rad cover 

Cusco Catch Can

Tomei Turbo Inlet Pipe 


HT Autos front lip, side skirts, rear lip and exhaust garnishes 

OEM JDM rain guards 

SMY gauge cluster 

15% tint in back 

Password JDM fasteners 

STI Carbon-Fibre valve caps

Hella Supertone Horns 

Rally Armour Mudflaps (Black and silver)


Kartboy Short Shifter

Kartboy front and rear shifter bushings 


BC Racing BR type coilovers (on order)


Nothing yet

Here is how it sits now..

On order: 

Muteki SR48 Lug Nuts (Red)

Anarchy Motive shift knob (copper) 

BC Racing BR Coilovers

Aquamist HFS-3 Methanol Injection Kit

Invidia Q300 Exhaust (Stainless Tips)

Proto Tuning Holder

GTspec Front Strut Tower Bar 

Agency Power UEL Header and uppipe (powder coated) 

Waiting to install:

Tomei Fuel Pressure Gauge

Tomei Fuel Regulator

Subaru OEM inner fender well

Grimmspeed EBCS 

Grimmspeed Y-Pipe kit

Cobb SF intake and box (blue piping)

DW 65c Fuel Pump 

Soon to come: (Next Summer)

My mind is always changing so who knows

First thing I ordered when I hit 7000km was Nameless performance muffler deletes and a K&N short ram. The intake in my opinion is not great. It sucks in too much air. The mufflers are pretty good. Nice sound but lots of drone. Not my pics but they are pretty much the same \/

Once that came I had a custom tune done by Perrin (Stage 1) with my new Cobb V2 access port and a Perrin recir by pass valve.

I was running those few things for a little while and then I decided I wanted more power. So I was talking to my tuner and he recommended that I get a Catless Invidia Downpipe. Once I got that I took off this piece of garbage \/ 

And put on this beauty \/ 

I got that tuned up and got 267whp and 290wtq on 91 Octane

The following day I picked my little brother up and we went out for something to eat. While I was parked I noticed my car let out a weird shake.. So I quickly turned the car off. Fearing it was the common issue with sti (blown ring land) I called my tuner. He told

Me to do a couple tests and see what the Cobb AP was saying. It was reading a misfire on cylinder 4. He told me to bring it in the next day. When I brought it in he begun to do a compression test. She was reading 52psi on cylinder 4 when I do believe it supposed to be around 120psi. He told me my ring land was gone. Seeing at this point it was almost time for snow I put the car away for winter. (We still use salt in Newfoundland so I will not drive my sti in that garbage)

When I took it out the following April I brought it to my tuner. The car at this point only had a little over 13,000km on the engine. We started to scrap it... 

Tied up and pulling the engine \/ 

Engine out! \/ 

She's pretty empty in there at this point 

Engine with the cam gears and intake manifold off \/ 

All the parts off \/ 

This is what it looks like with all that off 

This is the cracked ring land \/ 

And these are the new baby's that went in \/ 

These are the new CP forged pistons put back in the block \/ 

Going back in the engine bay!\/ 

And she's back in 

My tuner took the engine out on a Thursday, taking his time (2 hrs) and Friday he started at 3pm and at 3am the next day or morning however you want to look at it I was on my way home. It was a pretty nervous drive home.

Next I ordered a HT autos front lip, side skirts, rear lip and exhaust garnishes. And took my car to my buddy's garage. 

Getting ready to install \/ 

After install 

Next I ordered: OEM rain guards 

Blox shifter knob 

Kartboy short shifter and bushings 

Proto Cobb AP holder 

When they arrived

During install

Next was the mudflaps.

Taking the tires off for easy access 

The beautiful sti brakes lol

After install.. Pic isn't that great 

Next I ordered a SMY gauge cluster with prosport boost/vac and AEM AFR

When I got my gauges 


Next I got OBX header (which is garbage) changed to a Tomei EL header. 

And not long after that I ordered Perrin rad and pulley covers