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Jockeygolf's 2011 STI Sedan Build

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New Case Halves w/ Outfront Closed Deck, 1/2" head studs, pinned mains

Pauter X Beams

CP Pistons w/ Coated Crown

OEM Crank

King Bearings

12MM OEM Oil Pump

New Heads

Ferrea Comp Plus Standard Valves

Ferrea Dual Valve Springs

Ferrea Tooled Steal Retainers

Ferrea Valve Locks

Kelford Dual AVCS Cams

Every sensor, bolt, pump, etc is brand new on this long block. 

Quick List of Parts as of August 15': 


Cobb Accessport V3 


Cosworth 8.2 99.5 Pistons 

Cosworth Rods ACL bearings 

OEM Crank New case halves 

Stock heads ARP Head Studs 

12mm Oil Pump 

Killer B Pick up 

Killer B Baffle 

Grimmspeed Thermostat 

Techna Fit SS Power Steering Line w DEI Fire Sleeve 

Koyorad Radiator


ETS Bigass Headers 

ETS Uppipe Wrapped in DEI silicone coating and Titanium Heat Wrap 

ETS Downpipe Wrapped in DEI silicone coating and Titanium Heat Wrap 

Invidia q300 cat back 

Tial 44mm External Wastegate 


4" K&N Filter (ETS Rotated Kit) 

Spec C TGV Deleted 

Grimmspeed 3mm Phelonic Spacers 

ETS 4" Front Mount Intercooler 

Tial Q 50mm Blow Off Valve 


Precision Turbo 6262 BB .64 A/R V-Band

Grimmspeed EBCS 

PTP Turbo Blanket 


DW65 Intank 

Radium Engineering Surge Tank w/ Walbro 465 E85 Pump -6AN and -8 AN PTFE Lines 

Five0 1200 injectors 

NGK 1 Step Colder Plugs gapped .022 

Fuelab High Flow Large Seat Fuel Pressure Regulator 

Aeromotive Fuel Rails and Stainless Steel Lines 

Aeromotive Fuel Pump Controller

Autometer Tach Adapter

Aquamist HSF-3 V2 

Howerton Engineering (2) 1 Gallon Tank setup 

-4AN Meth lines and No Drip Disconnect and Weatherpack 


Smycluster Maker center bezel 

JCS-Pods A-pillar 3 gauge pod 


AEM Oil Temp Gauge 

Defi Oil Pressure Gauge 

Defi Fuel Pressure Gauge 

Aquamist Injection Gauge 

Perrin Oil Filter Sandwich Adaptor 


HT Autos Front Lip 

HT Autos Side Skirts 

HT Autos Rear Diffuser 

HT Autos Rear Skirts 


Exedy Triple Disk Clutch (cerametalic) 

TIC Holy Shift Kit w Kartboy short shifter 

Group N Pitch Stop 

Group N Engine Mounts 

Group N Transmission Mount 

Whiteline Positive Shift Bushings

Whiteline Rear Diff Bushing

Whiteline Rear Diff Outrigger Bushing

Whiteline Rear Subframe Inserts


Stop tech Pads 

Dba T2 slotted rotors


Fortune Auto 500 8k/8k w radial bearings

SuperPro Roll Center

SuperPro Front and Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

SPC Rear Lateral Control Arm

SPC Rear Toe Arm

Whiteline Caster/antilift Bushings

Whiteline Front Control Arm Front 

Inner Lower Bushings

Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings

Whiteline 22mm Front Sway Bar

Whiteline 22mm Front Sway Bar

Kartboy Front Endlinks

Kartboy Rear Endlinks

2015 STI Steering Rack 13:1


Advan RZ 18x10 +35

Nitto NT555 255 35 

Project Kics R40 Lugs

I have a pretty long and winded thread in the Newbies and FAQs titled "Loaded COBB AP Stage 1 93 oct in 2011 STI!! I've come a long way from that first post and want to just compile it here. I'll do my best to put everything down chronologically and with links to the photos. I want to thank all the people who have given me constructive advice etc throughout my journey on that thread. Hope you guys follow me here. I want to thank the following people/companies for all their help (if I forgot you and you want to be listed please shoot me a PM): Phatron STIMikey Jdub.csu Smeerone Tenacious Bee Xluben Themaus Wrx02ftw Rallyspec Realstreetperformance Rallysport Direct Perrin Flatironstuning Boston Motorsports IAPerformance Aquamist Howerton Engineering Bertune TAV Racing I purchased my car towards the end of September, 2010: Sitting in the driveway 


Out at one of my job sites


Shortly after purchasing the car I began researching the possible mods that I could do but try to keep the car as stock as possible. The most obvious choice was to purchase a Cobb Accessport and flash to stage 1. I enjoyed stage 1 for probably...1 month. It was then time to go to stage 2. I purchased the following: Perrin Equal Length Headers Perrin Up Pipe Cobb Down Pipe AEM Intake


At this time I knew that an off the shelf map would not do. After a ton of research on tuners in my area, I turned to e-tunes. Given the track record of this gentleman I decided that I would put my baby in the hands of Phatron of Phatbotti Tuning. This was my first time ever working on a car and thankfully a friend of mine was willing to help me. An extra plus was that his father has a garage with a lift at his house. The install occured sometime in November/December, 2010: On the lift


OEM Parts a plenty


Header installed


Down Pipe installed


Tuning commenced shortly afterwards. What an experience. We started on 2nd gear doing pulls from 2,000 RPM to 7,000 RPM. Several pulls later it was time to move to 3rd gear. It is about 9 pm and I do a pull and then...BOOM!!!!! WTF!!!!! Lights were flashing, the car was limping and I was peeing my pants!! I pull into my neighborhood and quickly pop the hood and begin texting Phatron like a mad man. All the hoses looked ok. Turns out, this was my first time experiencing boost cut! We hit 23 PSI which was what Phatron had set the cut at. Whew! When all was said and done, several nights of pulling up till 5th gear on the highway, we were done. From what I remember we were at about 280ish WHP/TQ using Airboy to calculate the road loads. A decision was then made to upgrade the stock boost control system and the By Pass Recirculation Valve sometime in December, 2010: Grimmspeed 3 port Electronic Boost Control System


Forge By Pass Recirculation Valve


Retune w/ Phatron. I knew this would not be enough for me. It was fun but I wanted more. Research began on what the stock engine could be pushed to. 400 WHP was the limit that I found consistently. So my focus was on a quick spooling turbo and the required supporting mods. I purchased in December, 2010: Please keep reading the following posts to see the rest of the progress. I had to chop up my original post in order to insert pics rather than just having links.

Blouch Dom 2.5XT-R

Deatschwerks 850 Injectors


Walbro Fuel Pump


NGK 1-step Spark Plugs


Perrin Turbo Inlet

KStech 73mm Cold Air Intake


I was a little side tracked after purchasing these items when Invidia released their quad tip exhaust for the sedan. I had to get it and I was not going to leave the bottle neck in the exhaust so the Cobb had to be replaced by the Invidia Down Pipe. The purchase was made and exhaust installed in January, 2011:

Silicon Coated the Down Pipe


Titanium Wrap Down Pipe

Exhaust Installed


More tuning with Phatron shortly afterwards.

Okay, back to the turbo and the other parts. Before I can do that I had to get an AFR Gauge. I didn't want to mount the gauge just anywhere so I had to go with something that was as OEM looking as possible. With that, I had to fill the second gauge bezzle so an Oil Temp Gauge was purchased. I know I know, an Oil Pressure Gauge will be coming soon:

AEM AFR Wideband Gauge


AEM Oil Tem Gauge

SMY Cluster Bezzle


Perrin Oil Filter Adaptor


Gauges being installed


Gauges Installed


We are now ready to go with installing the turbo now that the AFR Wideband is installed. This happened sometime in April, 2011:

Holy crap, my engine bay is a mess!


Intake Manifold is off


Great build and details!

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