Rawr... My 2011 STi Build Log by Heide264

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Rawr... My 2011 STi Build Log

Compliments of Heide264 @ www.clubwrx.net


I am writing this build log with two things in mind. One, I wish to document things I've done to my car (obviously). Two, this community has helped me a lot - I hope to add enough of my install tips and impressions of everything I've done for use to others. 

Please add your thoughts or impressions as I go through this, I'd appreciate it and it would make it a more well rounded reference to others.

Filled it up with the dealer in the car at 7 miles on the odometer. Picked it up from the dealer with 8 the next day.



-Invidia Equal Length Race Exhaust Manifold

-KNS CAI (stock sized MAF housing - wrinkle red w/ heat shield)

-GS Uppipe & Dump pipe w/ Tial 44m (MV-R) - ceramic coated

-Invidia Catless Down Pipe - heat wrapped w/ DEI titanium stuff

-Nameless Performance Mid-Pipe (no resonator)

-Nameless Performance Axle-Back

-Grimmspeed EBCS

-PTP Turbo Blanket

-Innovative LC-1 controller

-Tuned by myself (with help from others of course).


-RCE Front/Rear Sway Bars

-RCE Black Springs (about stock ride height for this year)

-Kartboy end links

-Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings

-Additional front Camber Bolts

-Custom alignment (0 toe, max negative up front - around -1.2 degrees)


-17" Gold Enkei PF01 w/ Blizzaks

-18" Stock BBS wheels w/ RE-11s

Driveline Stuff:

-Whiteline Rear Diff Bushings

-Kartboy Pitch Stop

-Kartboy Rear Subframe Inserts

-Kartboy Front/Rear/Pivot/Linkage shifter bushings

-Kartboy SS lever, combined with factory SS linkage

-Lathewerkz SS shift knob (textured black)

-Group N Transmission/Engine Mounts

-Turninconcepts Crossmember Bushings

-Clutch 'Delay Delete'


-Goodrich SS Lines

-Ferodo DS2500 for track use

-Stock pads for daily use

-Motul 600 fluid

Driver Mods:

-2x PittPDE at Pittsburgh International Race Complex

-More to come hopefully


-SMY Cluster with AFR & Boost gauge.

-CG Lock for the seat belt

-Weathertech liners

-Seat mod for better bolstering

-Opened up additional rear engine bay vents

-Who knows


3/8/2011 - Goodbye Safari van =)

4/7/2011 - Debadged

4/26/2011 - Nameless Performance Axle Back installed

5/16/2011 - eTune with Mikey

5/20/2011 - Got some stuff =)

5/24/2011 - Kartboy Rear Subframe Bushings installed

5/26/2011 - Kartboy Pitch Stop installed

5/30/2011 - Kartboy Rear Endlinks installed

6/06/2011 - Whiteline Rear Diff Inserts installed

6/25/2011 - Seat Mod

7/03/2011 - Driveline overhaul (Shifter lever/bushings, Xmember bushings, and tranny mount)

?/??/2011 - Driveline Overhaul #2 (Engine mounts, Steering rack bushings)

?/??/2011 - Suspension Overhaul (RCE Blacks, RCE F/R Sways, and Alignment)

Lathewerks SS ball shift knob, weathertech mats, & hella horns

Blizzaks / Gold Enkeis (Awesome decision even with the light winter we had)

Invidia down pipe, nameless mid pipe, SMY cluster w/boost gauge, lc-1 w/ gauge, and GrimmSpeed EBCS

Stock sized KSTech Intake w/ heat shield

GrimmSpeed 44mm EWG up pipe w/ Tial MV-R & GrimmSpeed Wastegate bracket

5/24/12 - Brake upgrade attempt. Learning experience.

5/25/12 - Track day at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Ferodo DS2500 pads, generic Dot4 fluid, squishy lines. Still a blast. Brake pad carnage photos included.

5/29/12 - Stainless lines and fresh brake bleed... good to go =)

6/13/12 - Track day prep (1/2) - Rear engine bay venting

6/15/12 - Track Day #2

8/8/12 - Invidia Equal Length Race Exhaust Manifold

10/27/12 - UOAs posted up from Blackstone

11/8/12 - PTP Turbo Blanket, Clutch "Delay Delete", Stupid Heat Shield Removed, Winter Wheels, & 'Upgraded' Wheel Stud

Disclaimer: I like lots of words and big pictures. Small pictures annoy me, and the page down button always works. I figure these are being hosted on another site, and we are out of the 28k/56k/'stone age' era by now =).