Rawr... My 2011 STi Build Log by Heide264

By diyauto
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Did some more cruising around. Fuel fittings appear to be holding without any leaks. Tune is still a work in progress.

Apparently my car isn't entering closed loop much at all... So since it wasn't applying any A/F correction, I just did an open loop scaling. This differs from the closed loop above mainly due to my source of data. In closed loop, I use the corrections the car has applied (using the stock o2 sensor) and calculate my MAF changes from there. In open loop scaling (with no a/f corrections) I just take my cars 'target fueling' (Final Fueling Base) and compare it to my wbo2 readings over a long drive. Same idea. Different spreadsheet.

Low boost pulls to come!

Also... so far so good on the stumble!!!


Moar tuning!

Started some low boost pulls (intelligent mode is aiming for 14.7psi relative). No detonation or anything.

Fueling needs work. Apparently my rails are doing their job and looks like they should keep me covered without having to upgrade injectors for a while:

Boost.... well... rough as expected. This was after a 30% Initial WGDC cut across the board. The turbo likes the recent round of mods, apparently:

(Note: This is in psi absolute... not relative!)

and the WGDC & corrections to go along with it: