Rawr... My 2011 STi Build Log by Heide264

By diyauto
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Moved up to my sport map with a lowered boost target of 16psi for a partial pull.... Apparently I will be running 16psi whether I like it or not (pulled all WGDC and still at 16psi ish)

Note the annoying boost spike:

WGDC & corrections:


Just gotta cut back proportional to smooth it out a bit. Feeling better. This is in sport mode. The higher boost one is normally more difficult, but I will get there.


Ha, I really should update this sometime.

I haven't done too much since this. I opened closed loop fueling back up (with a few things zeroed such as A/F correction C) and it seems to be running nicely. Cruising, my AFR is a dead set 14.7 for the most part. I haven't done a pull in a while, but I will one of these days.

Future plans involve a pump & FPR to finish off the fuel system. I'll probably have to swap in some ID1000s before I add an intercooler though. I have the KillerB Baffle/pan/pick up sitting around, as well. I'll probably throw that stuff in and do a compression test and plug check while the engine is jacked up during the next oil change. I'd like to have my other ride in working condition by then so I'm not in a huge rush the entire install.