When ocd meets opportunity ..... The 91 Legacy ss project by 22B05STI

By diyauto
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finished stripping the car out to a bare shell at which stage it will be painted pearl white inside and out including underneath and then the long rebuild will begin

There is a good picture of the Possum Bourne roof vent also that will be fitted


I cleaned all the brake and fuel lines for the Legacy, most of the parts were covered in underseal and with a lot of turtlewax bug and tar remover I removed all the dirt and seal and everything is in exceptional condition. I also stripped out the doors tonight, I have to go through every piece going back into this car, I want it to be like new.

You can see the fuel filler breather hoses, they cleaned up really well and it only took about an hour to get them to look like this.....wished there was an easier way


Nice build!

Posted by Diggymart on 2/6/20 @ 7:39:58 PM