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blakefogt's 1987 4Runner Build-Up Thread

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Hey guys,
this is my first post..
I picked up a 4runner last saturday.. my dad used to take me offroading about 10 years ago and I knew I had to get one eventually.  
here it is

Its not the turbo model, the previous owner put the gauges in there for the tach.. he also gave me the stock one if i ever want to put that back in

my uncle donated this when he found out I had bought it

Some Info On the truck

*Rebuilt the 22RE engine (20,000 miles on new motor)
*Marlin Crawler W56-B-HD transmission
*Centerforce clutch
*Rebuilt transfer case with Trail-Gear 4.70 gear reduction kit
*Detroit EZ locker in rear axle
*Downey Off-Road header
*New OEM muffler
*Optima red top battery
*Auto Meter water and oil pressure gauges
*Pioneer CD player
*New Carpet
*Replaced brake booster, front pads, front calipers, front rotors, rear drums, rear wheel cylinders
*Replaced driver side front four wheel drive half shaft
*Replaced front seal of power steering box
*Replaced cold start injector
*Replaced throttle position sensor
*Replaced heater core
*Replaced door seals and wing window seals
*Marlin Crawler custom rear bumper
*Replaced tail light lenses
*80% tread on new BFG All Terrain tires 31 x 10.50 R15
*Trail-Gear Rock sliders
*A/C serviced and puts out cold air
*Replaced rubber seals for removable top

the radiator had a small leak on the top left corner so I decided it was a good time to start fresh and get a little bit thicker of one

I ordered an idler arm and once that's in ill pick up the trail gear front bumper