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project ae86 3sgte :) 

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I just snagged a 1985 corolla hatch. The body is in pretty good shape, no dings or dents. but the previous owner attempted to sand her down... lol not too well. so it kinda looks like a rat-rod at the moment. It has full interior in pretty dang good shape.

I just finished my widebody 5sgte stroked mr2, so now I am back to a new project. as I miss my drift car i had before too. I guess I am too A.D.D to have one type of car lol.

As school is starting back up, and this is a very different build, I am going to be doing a lot of research and take my time. I am looking at getting a gen4 caldina ST215 or ST246. 

here is a where she stands right now.


A little progress today. I started restoring the rims. So I am sanding down the rough spots, and polishing it out. Then I will sand down the paint, and re-paint them, not sure what color at the moment.

Before <--------------------------------------------------------------------------->after

Everything in between

800 grit sand paper and polishing supplies

wet sanding the rim

still kinda funky

wiped it down, still pretty dull

started polishing her out

and a little tire shine

not true. All the trannys for the gen4 I have looked at are 5 speeds. and the all track community will pay 200-300 for the tranny. I talked with a local importer that got my friends gen4 and he said he can get it for 1300 shipped to me.

So I can sell off the tranny, for 200, so I am only paying 1100 for a gen4. The W58 tranny can be had for dirt cheap out of many different cars in 5 speeds for about 200-300 bucks from a pick a part.

Tilting the motor is not a problem and is easily resolved with motor mounts and the oil sump.

then I just need to order the RWD bell housing and mounter mounts.

I want a stock realiable motor, with around 250-300hp. so if i did the BT, the HP is just not worth it, to me. 200 to the crank for the price, I might as well go 20v for 500 bucks since its so much cheaper, and only 30hp difference.

With a gen4 I can turn the boost up alittle and be be in the 240-270 hp range reliable with no after market EMS, or even have to open up the motor like I would with the BT to even get close.

I have a fully built 5sgte for my mr2. I want to go an easier route with the ae86.

I apprecaite and respect ur opinion for the BT, If I thought I could be happy with 200hp, i would do it in a heart beat, since the the 6 speed would be very nice and its an easier swap. but I know I want at least 240 rear wheel horse power. and the few items it requires to mod the gen4 just seems to make a lot more sense to me.

I am also open to other motor ideas, i was tossing around the idea sr20det with a gt28rs for a while too.


Thank you for all the information. It is a lot to think about, I really do appreciate it.

THe oil sump issue seems easy if you have it built with quality. and the cooling I am not concerned on.

I am not sure what problems I would have with torq or drivability with a gen4? Please elaborate.

"You are talking about changing a ST215 3SGTE to RWD.
So youll need different/custom intake manifold, custom coolant lines, custom engine mounts, will need to remake/modify the engine loom, modify the sump and, custom flywheel/bellhousing/clutch/starter, W58

all the bolds I will have to on any motor swap.

So yes for the 3sgte I will need to rotate the intake manifold, but I can weld that my self. a w58 tranny but thats not much clutch flywheel all easy too, bell housing is hard to get, but there is a shop here localy that makes them. I need to price it out though... I have not called yet.

I will be running stock ecu, with stock internals, just moded to fit, I am not sure why that sounds so bad.

and if i get a BT, put after market pistons $500, rods $400, machining work $300 ems and tune $1500 etc etc thats crazy money....

Yeah, its a pro drift car, but its a good example.... of a pro drift car, not a reliable weekend drift car.

1UZ, no I have not, tell me more


I am still not seeing the expenses you are with the gen4 VS BT. I would like to look at it more with everyone and keep getting opinions.

gen4 just turning up the boost a little I will have 240ish to the wheels, completely stock.. and can easily have more.

so lets compare and contrast. If I wanted over 200+ rear wheel HP for either setup.

Both set ups would need custom coolant lines, custom engine mounts, will need to remake/modify the engine loom since I have to get that for any motor swap.

If I where to go Black Top. Motor cost about $1400. I would still need to get after market pistons $500, rods $400, Turbo $500, injectors $300, fuel rail $200, FPR $100, wastegate $200, custom DP $100,machining work $300 ems and tune $1500 (cheapest possible) that's all I can think of.

Total $5,500


gen4 motor $1300 custom intake manifold ( re weld it or use stock TMIC) so free or I re weld it for free. custom coolant lines $200 for material. leave it tilted which I am fine with, or modify the sump, re weld it which i can do. W58 transmission $300, flywheel clutch kit $400, I cant think of anything else I would need.



My neighbor has had a gen4 in his car for a few years now. Its across the street from me, he has one in his celica, and we have taken it apart to rebuild it. He is an electrical engineer, and built his harness. and he will do all my electrical. So its no problem at all.

His motor with just a boost controller intake and exhaust dynoed at 255 with the boost barley turned up (15psi I think). I am not sure where you are getting your numbers with "cant get more then 240 rear wheel hp" on that turbo. I know its a small turbo, but it works pretty good for the HP rating I am going for. And if I want to swap it out later, I could for a gt28rs or another small turbo which are not very expensive and would be an easy swap. But like I said before I am only looking for 200-300 rear wheel hp anything in that range will be ok in my book.

The rods are thinner then gen2 and gen3, but I am not looking for over 300hp, so it will not be a problem. And their is really no evidence that I have seen, for rods failing sub 300BHP.

I will have a vented hood, so the top mount air to water intercooler will be great.

the sump will be something more difficult. but again that is only if I want to make the motor not have that slant. And to be honest the slant does not bother me, if it does down the line. I have either tear it down and re make it. Or have one made. either way not a huge problem but probably one of the harder parts of the build other then the rearwheel bell housing.

I made a price chart above, and the money still shows to much higher cost in getting a BT into the 200 rear wheel hp range. I am very supportive of everyone's opinions and Would really like them to keep coming. but show me prices and facts. write out a price chart of what you think it would be. cause you keep just saying its expensive, but when i do the math. I am just not seeing it??? look at my chart above, and please give me your example so I can more clearly understand your point.


sweet videos above!

MY buddy works for Mckinney Motor sports, and we where talking a bit more about a SR20DET swap. S14 black top with a gt28rs. And since he is an importer, they can hook up a pretty good deal, especially as a package, with motor mounts, and drive shaft conversion that they make

so I a gaining more interest in that route.

I also finished polishing out the rims some more. I am going to sand them down and get some gold flake paint and clear coat for my buddies gun, and we will shoot them. Hope it looks good. I will post pics later.


many good points have been made, I do not have my heart set on a motor yet. But I am leaning towards, simplicity and price.

I have been up for 38ish hours... I had to go strait from work, to LA to get some fun stuff, I am tired delusional and ever so happy!

I did get some killer deals, and I am so excited to get these on my little hatchi! best 500 bucks I have ever spent!

can we say stupid happy! 

seibon doors

RX7 turbo 4 piston brakes and brackets!

I need to clean then up, grind off the mazda and re paint them

Hahahah I don't think they will fit in the 13.... time to upgrade

This is the before and after pic of the rims that came with the car. polished them up... but they still are missing something.

I am going to strip them, and re paint them metallic gold... if that looks funky then black. but I need to sell them so I can upgrade

Using some carb cleaner to clean her up a little more, and get the years of brake dust off them...

after sanding it down a little... really should have used more aircraft thinner... i shot a coat of primer... its cold out so I will wait till morning to sand the primer, and shoot the gold...

..... finally time for sleep...

Started doing some work today. before I go to work today lol.

OEM front brake....


dirty FC 4 piston calipers! Gosh I remember on FC how good it stoped!

angle grinder, drill with wire brush = fun

after I cleaned them up, I have to grind down the mazda badge

much better

now worked them with the wire brush some more

I am going to try out a few color, see what I think will work out best. but first primer!

primed, and then sanded

now some paint.

I kinda like it, it matches the rims nice lol... but its far from done. Once the whole car gets paint we will see what color the brakes stay, but probably will be black with white lettering.

rims had work today too.

sanded down the rims

taped them off, and primed them.

and a coat of color.

these rims will be sold off to accomidate the new brakes (plus i want lip). Since they have new tires, hopefully I can get 200-300.... not really sure what they are worth since they are 13s.


more TOYS!!

Spend the day running errands. Got some cool stuff, and meet some cool people. I could not borrow a car today so I played "lets see how much shiit we can fit into a miata"'s a lot.

Unpacked all the new stuff.

with the new stuff all pulled out, minus the CF doors inside the garage

ugly cracked old dull tails.

So those are got pulled out

new tails with center panel

I will do the seats and the solex locks tomorrow... maybe the doors too, if I have time before work.

The reason I went to solex, is that this generation of corolla, almost all the key open and turn on each other, so anyone with a ae86 can usually open and drive off in another persons... its pretty dumb. this way they actually need to be able to steal it.


had some fun today! put in a solex lock onto the trunk. attempted to make a CF hatch trim piece that was cracked and busted, and mounted up one of the CF doors, and threw the seat inside to see what she will look like

here is the lock

Making the CF hatch cover.

I had glassed it last night

started to get off the access bits

drilled out the holes

Some cool shots of Project ae86

I appreciate everyone input.

I don't want to do anything crazy with the motor. I want something simple, stock, that has already been done, so I can just purchase or replicate motor mounts, has at least 200 Rear wheel Horse Power, and is not going to throw off the weight balance too much.

13b does not have enough torq, nor HP, but a 13bt maybe.... I just had bad luck with rotory motors in the past.

That R35 skyline motor would be insane!!! I wish I had the cash for something like that!

2jz is also a sweet motor but very expensive... not sure I am willing to shell that much out.

the is300 beams is good, but just underpowered.... so its hard to justify spending more money on a beams, for less power then a sr20.

But I need to sell some mr2 parts off before I can afford a new motor. I did do a price chart for how much I have spent so far and gosh darn I am happy!

AE- 700ish
rx7 brakes and adapter calipers 200
CF doors 350
recaro seats 300
new tails 120
solex locks 80
leds 25
HIDS free
Total thus far $1,875!


powerslot rotors came in, just waiting on my EBC yellow stuff brake pads


Ya there are a lot of motors to choose from, but I am really trying to save my self time and effort, by going with something that is simple. No R&D, no crazy custom work, with complications, or hard rare parts. Just something I can swap in real easy, and have a lot of fun.

Thus far these are what I am partial to, in order.

1. s14 sr20det ( cheap, 240hp, full swap kit availble pre made)

2. Beams black top ( same price, less 200hp, swap easy)

3 and 4. silvertop 20v or gen4 3sgte (silver- weak 160hp, very easy to put in or best 265hp, a lot of custom work....)

Part 1

I had some junk in the garage, and decided to try an old DIY-ers trick. Since I just can't seem to see why JDM bumper lights on average are 189 bucks, wtf!

So here is my wtf attempt.

florescent light cover. (i had an extra one from the house)

measured out a line

Trimmed it down

cut it to size

Drilled 2 hole on one side for now, just to test fit.

looks ok.... I am going to try a extra set of ebay clear corners for a mr2 I have laying around. maybe it will look better.

So I tried the ebay mr2 corner lights and they look pretty good too.

here are them back to back.

light on

mr2 corner off

mr2 corner on

I can't tell if they look ghetto cause they are ghetto or cause the whole car front end looks ghetto at the moment... hummm. I am really tempted to try to justify the JDM ones.


please post the link to the adapter for that price. and is the motor for a sub 95, for that price, cause the hp drops quite a bit.

here is a good thread for reference for that particular swap. I love his car, but that is way more work then just a good old sr20det. but it does have my attention... but not much to break me from the sr.



w58 tranny 300
its still in the ball park, but seems like a lot more work, then a sr20... but maybe it can go on the list...


not much of a update, gosh I forgot how much a Pain in the as... OEM rusted on parts are lol.. so I am waiting on my friend to bring over air tools, so i can rip out the suspension.

but got my ebc pads in, man they really package it

and a comparison of the the brakes oem vs rx7


got a steal again! koyo radiator for and xs intercooler for dirt cheap! 

this is the factory sr5 tiny radiator.

I had to clean up the koyo, but she still looks good, just a few bent fines, that i can fix.

cleaning time

a little better but I need to get some more simple green.


Found some killer deals! 

Got a set of Origin Lab Sideskirts

and a Greddy TypeS BOV

got a package in the mail today!!!!

My poor old mail lady (must be 60's) had to try to carry this heavy package into her mail truck, so I went and got it out the truck for her, and carried to my garage  

Package was beat up....

but they look amazing!

I also got these for after its painted


ok got some updates, I sold my old rims, and got a new set of xxr522 with tires, that actually fits my brakes for the same price!  

not my favorite rims, but I am still on the hunt for some watanabi or work meisters in 15.

I also got this, but its at my parents house in Norcal, waiting for me to pick up next time I visit.

also got a greddy bov adapter from my buddy xene :0)

waiting on my sr20det to get dropped off, then I can really start working on this beast. 

I still need:

1) celica supra rear end

2) reddrill RX7 rotors to fit 4x114

3) custom drive shaft

4) make motor mounts

5) fog lights

6) HIDs

7) H4 headlights

8) paint car

9) intercooler piping

10) new exhaust

I think thats it....

so here are the rims I only spent 20 bucks on (since I sold my oem rims)

15x8 et0 with 195's ohhh yeah...

I can't lower the car down, and take better pics, till I get my tuner lugs in the mail.

cheap H4 housing, with H4 HIDs with halogen highbeam. I will use these till I can find a good set of raybrig for a good price.


good news and bad news came in today...

lets start with bad, my friend compression tested the sr20det, and it had 125psi across all four.... :*( so he was not sure if I would want it anymore... which I don't I am not looking to rebuild it, I want one in running form. sad oh well, back to the motor searching.... ughhhh

but good news, my silverlining, lugs came in the mail today. So I put the rims on, and was able to move the car out.


Rims on.

how the car is...


A little update. got some LEDs and PCBs so I will try to attempt a LED OEM tail lights for the ae86


Got my self a birthday gift from japan, and it even came in today on my bday!


Got this shipped from bulgaria baby! 


FINALLY got my JDM corner lights! it really makes such a difference to front end, even if its messy right now!


SR20DET baby!!!!!!

and I did a major clean up of the garage, and selling off a ton of ____, and my garage is still packed!!!WTF

Pulled everything outside so I could clean up

cleaned up afterwords... still too much stuff lol

thanks gabe, I heard about ur turbo hope they send you a brand spanking new one asap! I am tearing out the 4ac, ASAP!!!! So ready to install all my parts! I should write a mod list

AE86 Mods list:

RX7 4 piston calipers
RX7 rotors
EBC yellow stuff pads
Konig Rewinds 14x7 0 offset
XXR 527 15x8 0 offset
Neochrome lugs
K-sport coilovers

JDM trueno badging and front grill
CF seibun doors
CF hood
FG runfree hatch with trd spoiler
Origin Lab side skirts
Watanabi front bumper
JDM corner lights
New Tail lights
H4 headlights with bixenon HIDS
LED tails (inprogress)
ion fog lights
Solex locks
Recaro Seats

S13 redtop SR20DET
Brian Crower 264 cams
upgraded coolant lines
steel braided oil feed lines
XS 3core intercooler
Koyo SR radiator
Greddy Type S bov

...I think thats it. I still need a beefer rearend, and a custom driveshaft. but I will need another paycheck for those.


Got a little bit done today, started tearing out some of the 4ac and seeing what I am going to do with it. It had rod knock real bad, so I think I will pull all the goodies off it, sell em for cheap, then recycle the block for scrap metal.

Alternator looks clean! that needs to go up for sale, and see what its worth...

Radiator is MINT too! no bents fins WTF that amazing! I wonder what they sell for?

Removed the battery, as I will be relocating it to the back. I need to cut out the battery stand to make it look cleaner

looks like it has a weber carb... not sure if thats aftermarket or oem... no idea what its worth either....? any imput would be appreciated.

This resivour.. is cool looking! love the oldschoolness

I remvoed the coolant overflow tank too, since it was cracked and ugly. I will make somthing cool for that as well.

No more radiator. I test fit the Koyo and it fits nice!


Thanks to the help of my buddy we labled all the wires and sensors, and got the motor out today! YAYAYYAY happy dance!

Pulled the front bumper off, so I can fiberglass it back up, to its orginal glory.

good bye 4ac with rod knock... you wont be missed.

Hello SR20DET, you will look pretty in your new home.

packed up the garage for the night, will do more tomorrow.


thank you milo.

got to work on the suspension too.

Suspension day! Got my coilovers on! pretty excited about it, man where my OEM shock blown lol

old suspension out!

New coilovers!

Fitment is sooooo close!


Decided to fix my bumper up. before the car gets sent off to paint.

Had some pre mixed fiberglass longstrand hair left from other projects.

here is how it looked when I got the bumper with the car.

cut on one side

Broken corner, and the whole bottom bit broken off

Cracks on many of the supports and just all over

started glassing the cracks

glassed the cut area

started to fix the edge and the underside 

I will do some sanding tomorrow and see if I need to add more or just smooth here out.


Started playing with my mirrors too, since they where a bit banged up, I played some CF over them. I will need to trim it up, but it should look good with the matching doors.


more weight reductions parts in! just waiting for my runfree hatchwith wing, should be in this month, then I will weigh in the car!

started trimming up the cf, and put the first coat of clear on it, got a few more coats I will put on them buff it out.

2nd coat


Well I am pretty surprised how well it turned out! just need to clean it up a bit, but here ya go.

I am also going to do the mount, and now work on the otherside!


Mirror 98% finished!

kinda debating if I want to keep it 2 piece, or just go one, as it would be so much easier...


Got back from San Francisco, had a good time seeing friends and family. Got to take my dad camping for a late bday/early fathers day. Then went to my friend johns engagement dinner 10 course Chinese dinner! what a good time!

but back to the car..

Finished up the brakes!

My Brembo blanks came in, thanks to Aaron for machining them out for me.

Mounted them up, man they look good! way better then oem, I can not wait to test them out on this car!

More carbon fiber bits, hood, and the passenger side door, I need to install both of these soon, maybe tonight if I feel up for it.

Also got a MOMO tuner wheel and hub while in the bay area for cheap! It was for a mr2, and the hub is actually the same!

Installed it, fairly strait forward:

pop the square horn off

There is a 19mm nut on there, take that off.

Wiggly the wheel off the hub.

Slap the new wheel in place at the same angle. and re-install the 19mm nut and horn wire.

all done!

well I sold my TRD wing off, and the OEM hatch.... glad to start cleaning up the garage. 

My package came into San Diego, so me and my buddy xene went to go pick it up.

This thing was wayyyy bigger then we thought... lol this is what happend for the 90 mile drive back home

Its a Runfree Fiberglass hatch with built in wing. man it looks good, I need to test fit it, and mount it up.

I measure it all out, and went to a local plastics stores to get some polycarbonate for the rear window...stuff cost 80 bucks to get cut to shape. 45 3/4inch by 31 inch tappered to 38inch. I should be able to pick it up one monday, and glue it in.

One more package came.

My DIY 4link, yes!!! so close to being done with buying parts.

Now the garage is cluttered again lol... oh well, time to start putting stuff on.


mounted my hatch, and fitment is great! I am very happy with it.

Here is the coilovers and bigbrakes in there car too!


started testing the mirrors up to the doors, the match decent.

pulled the car outside to take a look at it with all the bits attached, its starting to look like a ae86!


did a little work today on converting the JDM lights to LED, and playing with LED boards for the tailights.

These are significantly brighter then this, but my 9v battery was running out of juice.


Motor mounts and trans mount came in today!!! yeahhhhhh got majorly hooked up on these, so hopefully there will be some pics of motor going into ae86 tonight!!


well my friend has been sick and cant bring by the lift, so I cant get the motor in... sucks oh well. I painted the motor mounts gold. installed the supra grill into the bumper with the Trueno badge and started sanding it down a little better.

I ordered a cusco 6pt cage, but I go to New York in a few days, so it will have to wait till I get back.... guess this build gets postponed for a min.

Looking gangster!

lights and intecooler looking mean

"Goooooooooooooooold.... its not weird"

Polycarbonate window I still need to put some bolts trim and glue it in. but its cut and placed


Got home yesterday, still jet lagged/ liquor lagged/ party lagged from NY.

Well, this is the mess I come to, but its a happy mess!

Cusco 6pt Roll Cage, cusco tripoint strut bar, cusco strut rear strut bar, 2.5 muffler, FG hathch with wing #2, sr20 red top ecu, and one part for my mr2, border rear spats!

Time to start wrenching!



Junkyard find today! got a Supra 154 trans for my buddy, and I found a HKS turboTimer inside for my self! paid 5 bucks hahahah thank you pick a part!


YYyEeeAaaaaHHHHhhhhhh!!!!! I got my rearend finally! MA47 hear I go!!!!!!!

I need to rebuild the brakes, I'm sure. and I am going to look into getting sloted rotors, if they make any. but here she is!!!


So I should have been studying neurology... but instead I got distracted with messing with the tailights. here is some stuff I did to make my DIY JDM tails with my old busted tails to see how it will look.

this one is photoshoped to see how it could look, since i need paint etc.

I also installed a rear hatch C-Pillar bar, looks nice! I still need to install the lower Cusco rear strut bar.


Here is how I did my DIY JDM tail lights on my hatch for $20

What you need:

A can of Primer

A can of black high gloss paint

some 220 grit sand paper


red acrylic plastic matt

electrical tape

and a scissor

Start the work:

1. Use the painters tap to make your line across the top of the tailight, following the trim. then use a bag and tap it to the tap and all the area you do not want painted

2. sand down all the lettering, and ANY shinny part, it MUST look dull, or the paint wont stick.

3. Once it if fully prepped, wash and dry off the sanded area. Shoot a light layer of primer across the whole light, then let it dry and repeat till you have nice clean even coat.

4. Once the primer is dry, shoot a color layer the same way, with light coats.

5. Remove the tape while its still tacky, and let cure for however your paint can says to.

6. take out your acrylic red plastic, lay it up to the light and use a dry erase pen to mark out where you will cut.

7. Cut the acrylic plastic to size and glue in the piece!

8. and your done!


FINISHED After a clear coat and tinting


Got some work done, and took some pics.

Mounted the brake ducts, and made brakets and angled the tube so it will help cool the FC brakes.

Then started working on the SR20DET valley cover for the coilpacks, I heard that many people take them off cause the heat can decrease the longevity of the packs, or they buy a vented valley.

So I thought why pay 150 bucks for something I can make for free pretty much. So I started cutting out the center of the cover.

I still need to even it all out.

Then Found Some perforated metal I had laying around.

Cut out some CarbonFiber matt I have, just need to find my resin and hardener so I can lay it on and trim to fit!


Cleaned up the cuts with my angle grinder

Test fit the mesh

First layer of CF

After it hardened

Trimming it down to size

Hey its starting to look like a valley cover again

Cut out the venter for the vents

all finished, just need to wetsand and polish still, but that will be done later.


Started work on the stock eyelids, thought it would look nice to match them to the car with some CF accents.


Test fit the headlight eyelid, still need to trim it, fit the edges, and clear coat.

Then I test fit the Sr20det valley cover, so I could drill out the holes for the bolts.

It fits great, just need block the edges so its more even, wetsand it, and then clear coat!


Got a nice badge to put on my SR20DET hhehhehe

Got my LEDS today! they are perfect!!!! 

This is on my test taillights, with only a 9v battery attached!


Final work, with my good lens

Mounted the LED panels, and polyseam selled them in.

LED panels on, u can see it needs a full 12v not a tinny 9v powering all 4! so it will be crazy bright in the car!

lights on

lights off

Or should I just have 3 lights and a reverse?



Had some progress today, as my buddy xene came by and used his wisdom and Electrical Engineer skills to start my harness!!! yeahhh

PS also, someone just moved into my apartments, I met his wife tonight, very nice lady, and they own a MRS (its there second one) and I guess he used to have DSMs too! If you see my thread come by and say hi!! I am always down to make friends with my neighbors, share a beer, and talk cars etc!


Harness is pretty much done, thanks to xene! I cut down my sr20 shifter threads, and I got a 3/8 16 by 1 inch bolt, and welded it to the shifter. That way I can screw on my new shift knob!!!!

Got a Sapporo Keg Tap

heheheh now I have a sapporo shifter!

What covers huge sapporo shifter best, a crown royal bag lol!

New to me Nardi wood steering wheel! sexy, ohhh yeah. And my shifter lol!!

Block oh wood, going to make me a wood shifter too!

Got this far, smoothing it out... I wanted to keep working, but I could tell I was pissing off my neighbors 

Man I have not widdled since grade school, when we would go camping.... man I forgot how fun it is!


Finished smoothing it out. Purchased Stain, and Polyurethane clear gloss sealer, and nuts to mount inside the shifter.

First layer of stain

second layer of stain

Third layer of stain

I am waiting to see how dark this layer turns, and if it will match the wheel or I need another layer. In the morning I will add the clear gloss, with lots of layers for durability and a shinny finish!


Clear coat, here is the first few coats

This is why I love my MX5... just wish the mr2 or the ae86 got gas millage like this. 185miles and still got 3/4 a tank!

Finished the shifter, and I have to save I am pretty darn proud! It could use some wetsanding to smooth out the many coats of clear. but other then that perfections side man I can not believe I hand made this! 

And it matches my wheel pretty good! Not bad for pilfering left over wood from my Halloween costume stilts lol!


Got wood


Finally picked up a pressure washer, little cheap-o but it works.

The engine bay was soooo grimmed and caked on with sludge and what looks like stuff from Ghostbusters goo on. 

Thanksfully this little pressure washer, got a ton of it off. 

Starting to look cleaner!

I am soaking the engine bay in grease remover, and I will pressure wash it again tomorrow morning, then soak again if needed.


Parts hoard!!!

CYB fender flares, Greddy Profec B, LED tail lights, LED JDM corner lights, LED sidemarkers, LED USDM lights, Kouki eye lids, FRS badge, just waiting on my mudflaps, and intercooler piping to come in. 


Intercooler piping arrived!

and a nice little accent for the my wheel


Got the engine bay taped off

First couple shots of color

Its getting ready for some POWER!


Well I ran into a ____ ton of confusion....

1st I go to install the motor today... wtf motor mounts I purchased are totaly wrong... they are not SR20 to AE86 mounts, the SR20 side is not write at all.

Fine, whatever I will call the guy I purchased them from, and try to figure this out, F*^%k... whatever!

Pull the exhaust, yeah its gone and removed finally, no idea what brand this is at all, toss to the side.

Lurred my friend over with offerings of beer, to help swap the rearend out of the SR5. 

got the rearend removed, what a pain in the ass, so many rusted out bolts.

This is where is gets confusing again! So I am kinda really confused.... My MA-47 celica/supra rearend bolted in with out the 4link I purchased (using the OEM SR5 bars, and the Celica supra swaybar) ..... wtf... the only thing that did not fit was the panhard bar.... I am sooo confused.

Stance looks way better with the new rearend and mubflaps

Does anyone have an idea why the MA47 rear would fit with out aftermarket 4link??????!?!?!?

I figured out why my motor mounts wont work... they are for a KA24... oh well, at least the seller is willing to return them.


I had a great day today! Cleared out room in the garage, sold off the 4link, OEM hood, SR5 full diff, driveshaft, stock antenna, stock mr2 seat! made some cash and got a cleaner garage!!!!

I also got a few things in the mail, AE86 panda sticker, and I made this resevour cover custom embroidered!!

Valve cover is shaved and painted!!!

But I can't decide on my theme. here are a few option:

1) sleep panda center

2) sleepy panda off center

3) falling over panda center

4) falling over panda off center

5) FRS badge center top

6) FRS badge center lower

or some form of combination like FRS badge where the nissan badge was, and the panda on the front etc.

Vote!!! I need help deciding!


Well cleaning stuff up right now, straitened the edges on the coilpack Carbonfiber cover, and sanded it down so it will not be bumpy lol

Then some clear coat.

Same thing with the kouki eyelids, one had a nice good scratch on it, i had to sand through.

some clear

Man first time I have had the valley cover on the shaved white valve cover, and it turned out just how I imagined it!! Lovin it!

Just need to figure out how I want to badge it!!

Started out templating my motor mounts in paper, getting closer!

Got a big piece of steel


Small update, as I have been sick and trying to catch up on school work.

Did you know Sapporo Beer cans are made of steel!!

Time to pop it a special way

And drink her up!!!

Whatever will I make with this can...  


Got my parts in for my DIY Panhard bar / lateral done. 

-2458K182 Ball Joint Rod End 3/4"-16 Lh (you just need one of these) $17.36 each

-2458K181 Ball Joint Rod End 3/4"-16 Rh (you see a trend starting ) $17.36 each

-6381K121 Bronze 3/4"-1/2" bushing (you'll just need one) $1.64 each

-91034134-27 (27")ALUM TUBE FOR 3/4" HEIMS (you'll need just one) $14.95 each

**These are your choice since it's just stuff you can get at your local hardware store and probably be cheaper but I'll list it up anyways

-1756047-LH JAM NUTS 3/4", STEEL 6/PACK (you just need one per side) $3.95

-1756047-RH JAM NUTS 3/4", STEEL 6/PACK (ditto^^) $3.95

I put the fitting on my drill and used some sand paper to get a perfect fit, took less then a min to do



finally got the Rusted out rotor, and seized caliper off thanks to PB blaster. Just waiting on the brand new rotors to come in, already picked up the new brake caliper, for the rearend.

Got the VC finished, and almost done with the Sapporo Catch can.


....well I ran into another snag. the DIY lateral bar does not fit the MA-47 rear... I thought it would, but its a 1/4 a inch off...

I will have to cut out the mount and put a new drilled one in, not too hard, but still annoying, oh well.

On the other hand, I put the VC back on, I am half way done with the Sapporo catch can, and wired up the Greddy profec B, boost solenoid to the boost controller.

I plan on painting it. I made a one off color single stage pearl paint. It was a pain to get a single stage to look right. I wanted to paint it cheap, Since I realized I will probably bang it up a bit since I will be drifting this at events. So I had a panda theme (white and black) in two color pearls.

Both will be single stage Pearls. White pearl single stage,which I was told it does not exist but it does!   Mitsubishi Dover white effect (white with white/ pink pearl). But you have to modifify the mix code by removing the 4.7% of "trans Yellow" to get a cleaner white. I may mess with it some more to make it perfect. Then I am using X48 Mitsubishi black pendleton pearl (black with blue pearl flake)

The Car will be painted panda themed, but any place that is Carbon Fiber will be painted white excluding the black portion of the panda paint theme, and that will be left Carbon Fiber. I am hoping it will turn out subtle and nice.

Got the Sapporo Beer/ oilcatch can finished. 6 bucks to make this (not includding beer) not bad and looks sweet.

(2) 1/2 flarex 1/2 MIP 

(2) Nylon hose barb elbows

(1) 1/2ft of 1/4"ID vinyl tubing 

(1) pot cleaner mesh for bafftling

Started cleaning up the muflaps. Used some cleaner, and a brilla pad. 

Got my Trueno Mudflap stickers.

First test of the custom single stage pearl

Got the Trueno Mudflaps done... Thinkinking I might clear coat them, so they last forever.


clear coated

1 coat

3 coats


Thanks guys!! your post really help motivate me!!!

Man I just finished a HUGE test on lol "every vein in the body and all its names, every artery, the heart in its entirety from the cellular level up through to its basic functions, lymphatic system, immune system, and all the factors in clotting and blood work..." OMG what a test, I think I rocked it though, but my brain feels dead, and I already have 2 new chapters I need to read for next week... FML

But back on subject, Got some new toys in

Prothane bushing

New Rotors yeahhhh!

What a stupid, PITA, rediculous rear brake calipers this celica supra rearend has! omg lol it has 6 shims and two large thick thims TOTAL 8 F%$king shims just to assemble the brakes lol

Once on though, man rear discs do look sexy on this car!

Also put my mudflaps on and man they look good, car is really starting to become a car again!

Started taking off the rear side markers, so I can weld it closed.

Started hacking up the AE111 cusco 6pt cage to fit my AE86 hatch.

cut the plates off and droped it 1 inch.

Good fitment with the roof line


Having trouble with the rear bars, not sure how I want to go about it. Im thinking Either weld it into the wheel well, but then the seats cant drop down anymore, or make a custom bar that ties into the rear of the car, and gives me room for the seats to drop.

I have not moved it all the way forward yet

Bar still needs paint and to be moved forward. but getting closer


Getting ready for the test fit/ heart transplant

SR20DET getting pulled up

the booty

Frame spacer getting installed

half in frame spacer in

Man what ____ ton of wiggling had to be done to get this in. CV had to be removed, a little mount had to shaved down, frame had to droped more lol!!!


The Stock SR20 mounts fit soooo close lol!!! I wont have to modify them too much, just extent them a little lol

Intercooler pipe and greddy Type S bov installed!

Front bumper test fit to see where the intercooler will lay out, looks more and more like a car again

Its a car

Thats all we got done tonight, but i was once again suprised how much stuff really almost bolts right up.


Had a few beers with my buddy xene, who just picked up a MR2 yeahhH!!!! and we started messing with the car, making up some one-off mirrors.

Not sure if they will be done, but I do have extra CF and resin, so why not right.

any suggestions, constructive criticism or opinions is always appreciated.


ya lol no worries. snags suck, but on swaps its to be expected... oh well.

Ya I need to take my mr2 out, its been forever since I drove her!

Some cool stuff should be coming really soon! Motor mounts should be here any day now, same with aero mirrors!

Got megan tension rods for 50 bucks!!! 


Got into a car accident in my NB 2002 MX5 DD... my back hurts, and the car is pretty mesed up... hood is smashed, radiator support is bent, radiator busted, ac condensor cracked, passenger headlight and passenger fender destroyed and front bumper... FML...right before finals week.

but on a brighter note, 

Got my motor mount adapters in!!!

Motor finally fully bolted in


Thanks, Ya I am glad I was not hurt too. 1 because no one wants to be hurt. and 2, because I really did not want to be striped down naked in my own hospital by all my friends and coworkers lol! Its like a bad nightmare coming true!

I actually got really hooked up from the miata boards, got a new front bumper, fender, headlights, radiator, ac condenser, hood, and radiator support for 600 bucks! there goes the AE86 fund, but my car should be back on the road in a week when the body guys get done installing and painting it all!

So for now I am broke, and I will be stuck installing what parts I have for the AE86, but It might be a min before I get the last needed parts to get her running (fuel pump, driveshaft)

I did get some cool stuff from Nippon in!

AERO mirrors!!

well no updates on the ae86. But I figured I would post the damages to the mazda NB... looks sad...

But I got all the replacement parts so its on it was to get fixed.


Here are some pics of them mounted...ish. I have CF doors so I need to make mounting plates cause they the CF doors dont come with any, but these would have bolted right up like oem! they fit amazing!!!


Been stuck at home, MX5 is almost out the body shop, should get it any day now. Finals are pretty much done, last one is one tuesday but I did all my crazy hard ones this week. So I had to some to work on the AE today.

Found a RatRod shop that had mandrel bent piping, lol seems like the Inland Empire has never heard of this, cause I had to go to 6 shops to find it, and no one else seemed to know what it even was lol!

Got some steel cut, and made my own frame spacers, with the help of my buddies better drill bits lol!

some pics of the motor mounts

trans mount

Installed the Megan Tension Rods, wow that FU*%ing bolt was one there crazy tight!!!

Old rusty nasty oem tensionrod

Sexy Beefy Megan Tension rod

Drilled a hole for the intercooler piping, and wrapped a old hose around it to make sure it wont cut the coupler.


The Hood would not close all the way even with my custom frame spacers, so I called the company that made the engine mounts, they said I may have to take some of the support frame of the hood.. kinda sucks... oh well.

TCS hood, I am gonna cut you!

Hood pretty much sits closed now....

Car coming alone... slow but steady. 


thanks, I got a little update

To start AE86, and beer

got my hatch gas prop rods to work. I got the eastbear hatch second hand, and the P.O. had busted out the hatch bolts that where glassed into it. So I had to make longer brackets, still need to cut it down to size. But hey at least it works right now!

Started cutting out the trans tunnel for the S13 trans

Pulling the carpet out to, so I can angle grind the hole out, with our burning down the car!

Taadaa It fits!

Had to extend the throttle cable, I used my old MR2 turbo extra throttle cable, from the junction block.

Started with a piece of aluminum

Bracket made, now one more to go!

Adapter plate to hold the two throttle cables together


All done, throttle cable connected and feels nice!


So I went to put the other Megan Tension rod on, and man what a PAIN! the bolt was rusted on so bad, I had to grind it off! WTF lol took for ever, not fun lol.

I also finally finished the Panhard bar/ lateral bar. So the DIY set up does not fit a celica supra rearend just FYI for anyone else wanting to do this. I had to order a extra extension from K and H an local store here. K and H metals supply part number 917020044 3/4-16 alloy linkage adjuster Then grind down the metal around the bolt "it had a little ring around it" so I could get the bar to slip over it.

I Also got the hood to close and lock properly finally, cut down the inside of the hood a bit, I forgot to take pictures, but I will post them up when I can.


Started mocking up the stock turbo and exhaust manifold. Putting it all back together etc

Braided lines, new gaskets

exhaust manifold

assorted bolts etc

Torquing everything down

Just realized I am missing my oil feed and oil return fittings. Hopefully my buddy still has them at his house, or he can get me some from his work


Just realized I am missing my oil feed and oil return fittings. Hopefully my buddy still has them at his house, or he can get me some from his work

Installed the rear cusco strut bar... kinda think its a POS as it does not bolt to anything with structural value... lol. I am really surprised CUSCO made this...? but hey it looks cool so oh well. The cage and sway bars will be doing most of the work stiffing the suspension so, this can just make it look cool i guess.

since I jacked up the rear plastci panels I am trying to reapaire them so it will fit better. I may lay bride fabric over it, and match all my interior that way.

starting installing the the A/C lines

and the turbo fittings.


a few small things done, but man its freezing for CA right now its 36 degrees and very winder my god lol CA is not supposed to be this cold, especially southern CA!

Put the rear trunk panels back in, going to need to cover the cut marks though with something, maybe stickers for now, then later alcanter. I also got a Battery box so I can move the Battery to the back

My friend Bruce let me borrow his fender roller, so I can roll and pull my fenders!!!

Removing the Dash so Xene can wire up my gauges, though I am really on the look out for a NX1600 digital dash, if anyone has one hook it up!!!

Got a AC belt too, getting closer and closer every day!


Hahhaha thanks! Yeah it takes a certain passion... or obsessiveness/ nature to do these things. That or negligence to the facts of how much there really is to do lol! Cause I always feel like I am so close to getting it done! I actually think I enjoy building more then anything, when I can see what I want to build in my head, and put it into flourishion, to me is just the best. That and I am kinda Jew-y and I look at the financial Investment to do this all my self, VS buying a premade one. Hopefully when this is done if I did my spread sheet right, I will have about 5,500 invested and I should be able to flip it once I am bored with it for about 10-14,000. So it should be fun, I just can't wait till she is painted and has a finished look and feel. But man It just sure is getting close!


Started fitting up the otherside of the intercooler.

Test fit

drilled my hole

yeah Hole

some tubing to make the sharp edges not cut anything.

intercooler piping installed.

Its a little too long on the passenger side, so I will trim it down.

Intercooler support bracket.

intercooler piping installed.

Its a little too long on the passenger side, so I will trim it down.

Intercooler support bracket.

OEM fender lip

Rolling fender

Rolled fender


Man I am so excited! Just ordered a NX1600 Digital Dash, should be very cool, and if all turns out well and installs. I will be the only AE86 with a NX1600 digital dash

I also ordered Carbon Fiber Fender flares! that should look killer on my AE86 with the other accents! cant wait to get these in!!!


So slept through the fedex guy knocking on my door with my CF flares, thanks to night shift in the ER being ____ing crazy! Had 10 ICU holds, GSW, Stemi that could not be transfered, and more septic PTs then we could handle, plus they pulled our staff to staff upstairs ICU WTF!!

But USPS did drop this beauty off! NX1600 digital dash

here with the bezel next to it, will have to mod it a little.


Yeah Carbon Fiber Fender flares are here!!! they where packages so good! I was really imppresed with the quality too!



So I had to adjust my passenger side intercooler pipe, by shortening one end, and welding a bit of extra material to the other so it would fit right.

this is where I had it welded back up

but this left me with one end with out a bead.... So

well I had my friend weld this up for me so I can now have a beadroller best 12 bucks I have spent in a while! just a Vice clamp, exhaust clamp, and a washer.

here is how it turned out 


Update update update!!!!!

Got some new stuff, and some great news!!!  

Battle-Garage has given the go ahead on making Carbonfiber Origin style fender flares for me, for the front and rear! This is a first so maybe if others love it too, more can come, that will be up to them! but I am very excited about the whole thing!

Here are the reverse plugs for the CF fender flares. I will update more when I get more pics, the should be finishing up soon, and on the way to me.

I got some new rims too!!!! Had to get a little dedicated to bring them back though lol! new lugs on the way too!

Got some more lugs, thought would match these rims better.

yeahhhh rims baby! the reflection is the lip tripped me out in this pic!

got lip


Massive lip, Cant wait to get my Fender flares, I will need to pull the sheet metal too I am sure.

How the other rims look too. I will be keep both sets.


Thanks sigi, I need to bust a move and get this thing done. I am hella lagging.

Got a privacy Hatch cover 

I am debating which I like better.

SUBJECT: CF-oem mirrors VS Aero mirros



Nostalgia flash back (my old ae86 I towed to SoCal, from Palo Alto)

Miss, ya but this new one, will be reborn as a bad ass!


NX1600 digital dash test fit

Xene removing the ecu connector so we can make a plug and play harness 

installing the rear plexiglass for the first time... lets say it did not go as smooth as i thought lol. but hey its in.

got all my supplies

Drilled holes to rivet the glass in place

Cleaned the plexi and the surface area of the fiberglass hatch

Layed out the ultra black

Freaking rivatgun busted on my... lol already layed out the ultra black.... so I had to improvise... used self tapping screws


A few new things. Takata harness

and some redlines, but I need to LED convert these.


Xene, with a little help from myself, got the AE86 to start!!!! yeah, it was a little ghetto but it worked! now we have it running, going to hardwire it up, clean it and tuck as much as possible! I can not wait to have her on the road!

One of my coilpacks blew up lol... not sure why or how, but I ordered a new one, and also a corolla dual core radiator.

Redline VS LED usdm

Redlines with my buddies xene's sick gen4 3sgte celica

Redlines installed, just need to LED convert them ASAP

Also got my Takata's looking sexy with my Recaros, time to make brackets for the seats!

List of what is left to do.

1) Wire in inline fuel pump to tank

2) permanently wire up sr20det harness and solder and heatshrink and tuck

3) flare and attach brake lines.

4) measure and order out driveshaft

5) install new radiator

6) wire up digital dash

7) Finish welding exhaust

8) replace coil pack

9)weld seatbracket

10) led convert redlines

but its getting closer, I am going to try to best my butt and get it done asap. I just need to stay motivated.


Ya to each there own. I like the USDM that I LED converted, but I have a some JDM love for the redlines for now and I will convert them to LED too

My buddy hooked me up with some extra braided lines, so I have Oil feed, oil return, coolant feed, and coolant return all braided with AN fittings. He also gave me the correct MAF adapter plug so it can be plug and play.

A few changes, since the OEM manifold and elbow was having some interference with the steeringlinkage, I opted for my friends topmount manifold, and Turbonetics external wastegate set up. It gives me so much more room for the elbow/downpipe.

But with some sacrifices, I need to re-clock my turbo, re-weld the intercooler pipe to match the new locatio, and weld closed the interal wastegate. all for the better, just giving me more stuff to do. I will post pics soon


Opened my second garage with the ae86 stuff, and I pondered.... am I collecting, or Hoarding lol

Started installing a window trim to cover the UGLY RTV window job I did.

Cut holes to make it flat

looking better just need to smooth out the RTV, then when it is painted u wont be able to tell.


Get your Favorite drink, Sapporo, HITE, Taiwan Beer, Black Boss

Drink that BIAATTTTCH from da bottom!!

...and....Enjoy it

Get some resin, mix it and poor it inside, wink wink grrrrr ;*)

Let it get really hard heheheheeheh

Drill a hole yeah baby

the screw it, screw it hard.... with a proper size fitting LOL

and install!

Topmount manifold, with Turbonetic external Wastegate.

Disassembled Turbo to re clock for proper oil feed placement and angle

polishing housing

Home made Turbo inlet

Let make it a little shinny

Re-installing turbo, getting closer

Turbo re-install with oilfeed, oilreturn, and coolant lines

inlet installed

Turbo blanket, MAF etc all on


Got hose for the oil return line and wrapped it in heat shield.

refurbished the radiator mounting brackets.

Started cutting up the hose kits so it will fit the ae86 2core radiator to the sr20det


Why not add some copper to spice up the mix

Cut to size

Time to cut the water neck to fit

Oh yeah!

Bottom pipe fitted

I have a radiator!

Car looking sexy

ALso wired up the ECU

xene re-wired the injectors, because they where really messy from the PO

Re did my intercooler piping for the topmount exhaust manifold, and I did not have to pay a dime!

Had to cut down the intercooler piping 

and trim down the turbo piping

It fits!!!!

Re-routed the battery to the trunk

The junctionbox in the engine bay

Wiring it to through the cabin

Yeah power in the boot

Tired, but got a stuff done, lots more to do.... but every day is getting closer.


Redlines looking sexy

Got the Trunk Mounted Battery finished

Then Xene and I started working on the Walbro 392 (255LPM inline)

Instructions.... ____ that!

Walbro 392 (255 inline)

Steel for bracket

Lets bend it so it fits the Gas tank with out rubbing on it


Bracket getting drilled

Test fit bracket on Gas tank

Test fit Bracket with fuel pump

Test fit it all, fits perfect

Lets paint her

fuel pump relay

Painted and ready to fit

Then we started the exhaust down pipe, got the flange in the mail

Fits perfect

Going to take a 2.5 pipe, and weld it and start fitting it down between the rack and firewall

thats all folks!

i have a deadline I have to have it done before 5-25-13


Today's check list was pretty good!

Fuel system- DONE

Brakes- Done

Seats- installed

Exhaust- IP

Fuel systems:

wired up the negative lead from the battery neg post

Positive and negative, drilled a hole and threaded them through

Wired it up to the fuel pump, connected all the fuel lines, tightend it all down, and done!

Yeah fuel system done, CHECK!

Finally got the rear brake line, flared the hard lines, and wired it up, front and rear brakes are done!!!

Got the Recaro seats in, driverside bracket is done, drilled and bolted down!! SEATS DONE

Privacy hatch latches, since i keep having to get to the battery, i hat the privacy hatch string bolted down, and it was in the way and a pain, so I made some easy latches to take the privacy hatch on and off with ease.

all done

started working on the exhaust, to test fit and figure out how to avoid the steering linkage

cut pipe

it got late so i could grind anything smooth or i would piss off my neighbors, so the cuts dont look too great. but they will be fixed

Cut the reducer for the flange

Test fit

Still need to finish:

Digital Dash




Me too!!!

Started to make a custom radiator support mount, so it will actually be supported since this one does not.

Got a piece of steel, measured it out

Drill it

Radiator has 2 12inch fans, hope the flow enough

got mounts with a few washers, and nuts and bolts, just going to drill a larger hole that fits the radiator, use some bushing and the cooling system is all done.

ARP extended wheel studs came in

started labeling all the wires on the back of the digital dash, what a pain, but at least its strait forward thanks to these links.

Monday I am calling a few driveshaft shops to see if they can make me one that will fit the MA47 rearend and the SR20 transmission

Finished up wiring the LED USDM lights, they are for sale now, since I will do the same thing, but maybe a little different with the redlines

Driving Lights

Braking lights


Thanks, ya kinda reminded me too, know that you mentioned it!

Tried inflating my stretched tires at home all the DIY way.... and ya kinda failed epicly...

Painted my custom Radiator support to save it from rusting

Hair spray

Spray inside and on the lip..... let it vaporize.... ya kinda just caught the tire on fire hahahah... had to use a coke to put it out lol.....

Tried strapping the tire down around the lip and using my air compressor... 

Ya no go would not make a sad face

Started to mock up brackets for the Digital Nx1600 Dash to fit into the AE86

got some metal

drill it

Mocked it up with the stock mounts

Test fit

Add a splash of color, and rust protectant

Bolt it in

Now time for the left side bracket


Yeah it fits, need to bolt down the bezel mount so its not lopsided lol

Downpipe is getting closer too.

Xene tac welded the first part of the downpipe.

Test fitting the angle

Drilling a hole for the O2sensor

Cutting an angle

A little more angle and a right turn at the bottom to avoid the steering linkage

Test fitting

We cleared it!!!!!

Time to weld it all up, got a V-Band coming in tomorrow!!


Thank you supreme powers in placentia for getting my tire on!!! 

714 632 1951 supreme

I went to 5 places, they where the only ones who could do it!!!!!!

I also got a V-Band and finished the downpipe.

Got a Dash matt to cover up the ugly cracked dash.

So much better

Thanks eazy- its almost there, I have a video of it running but I cant get it off my phone to upload... sucks lol

here are some Stance pics, lol it looks funny with out the Carbon Fiber one off origin style Battle-Garage flares. they should be here monday

Love how much lip these rims have!

Fronts (i think they have the same amount of lip my widebody mr2 rear has!)



Yeahhhhhh I love the rims! Got the dash going, still have to button it up, but xene is a rock-star with the electronics!

Also got a pic of the CF flares that are being shipped to me

and driveshaft was measured out and should be done wed!

I will post more pics tomorrow.

It will be a custom color, I already created, pearl white and pearl black, with hints of CF in certain places.

Got the rear Cusco add on to make it a tripoint strut bar! Love it.

I still love these Redlines, I cant wait to LED convert them!

Started cutting down the armrest so I can get it to fit with the new shift location.


Got my Driveshaft!!!! I have to say, these guys are great! quality work, I totally recommend them! They drove all the way out to me, measured my driveshaft up, got all the specs set up and made my driveshaft and even delivered it to my door, thats customer service! not to mention they have done a bunch of ChipFoose cars too!

Toyota MA-47


I also got the passenger door completely put together

Took a old cubby I had, and cut it up to fit the Greedy Profec B typeII, and HKS turbo Timer,

I will post more of the assembling of the driverside since I did not take pics of the passenger install.

Installed the other window.

Had to drill out the holes little to fit the clips

Now it fits

Installed the locks


and window handle

Started wiring up the turn signals and JDM lights

One side

almost both side


and window handle

Started wiring up the turn signals and JDM lights

One side

almost both side

Corner lights

Got the guage cluster mostly working.

I still can not decide where I want the badge to be

Class was canceled, so I came home and finished up a few things.

Installed my fogs

Driving lights on

headlights on

Corner lights


Installed a thermal sensor to automatically turn the fans on, it was pretty darn easy.

put the sensor inside your hose line

Bolt down the relay

Plug in the power

and ground

all done


...This could possibly be my last post on this thread.....Had a F*&%king horrible day.

Got my driveshaft installed, wired up everything and went to turn it on... car would not start. Tried again and the damn thing Hydrolocked, fuel injector somehow was not seated or I have no idea, since it worked before... but it dumped fuel into cylinder 3 and 4... I used a pump and got it all out, got new injector colars (seals) and went to turn it again. Put it on ignition and let it cycle with the fuel pump, and it was fine no leaking. Then I went to turn it on and it hydrolocked again! This time it wont crank at all... I'm F*&Ked... pretty sure i bent a rod. I have no idea what I want to do. I feel like I have been screwed by budda in jail with no lube, and he never even said hi or thank you WTF.

To add to the ____ list, I may have to move back to NorCal since my P.A. program is getting canceled, my lease is due in 29 days, I dont know if I will have places to keep my cars or if I can even bring them up with me. I have no idea what to do.

I dont know if it is worth trying to get a long block and try to get this all fixed in time, or if i can afford a whole new SR20det, or should I change what is bent for oem... depending on if it is just a rod, if the walls are scared from the piston, and if the valves are ok... Jeeze.. All i had to do today was install the drive shaft and finish the exhaust and I get all this shIIIT.... i got a lot to think about, here comes the beer.

at least I got a cool picture of the digital cluster working.... oh F*%king well...

I am so confused right now. Pulled the Ae86 apart, head looks ok, motor still wont turn over I could not get a motor lift so I could not check the rods, but mostly the block did not looked scared from what I could see. Injectors hold pressure, dont leek, and spray pattern looks good. We took them out the motor and charged just the rail on a external fuel tank and celica pump... maybe my walbro 392 (external 255) is too much? I am not sure how? I can figure out why it floods cylinder 3 and 4... when in the motor. yet after its removed it would not? any ideas anyone?


Thanks sigi, I posted in Zilvia, and club4ag, but no one has given me any real input yet... sucks, I wish I knew what the heck happened.

Fender flares came in...look good too bad the project is turning out this way.

well here some pics of it torn down... ya have not done anything else debating if I will get a long block or give up...


I hope it does not come down to junking the project... but I am at the point where if i put more money in it, and its not a sure thing I will lose money, as right now I stand to be able to sell it for what I put in it....

Just got my first day off. so I started working on the car. No i did not get to see it flash, but maybe the bulb i was using was to big, it was a old brake light time I will use a LED, but when I test the injectors they do fire.

well I plugged the CAS and the injector clips on, held the injectors out and turned the car to on (mind you the head is off the car). Then I turned the CAS, the first turn, it would fire all the injectors or sometimes two at the same time? is this normal? after the first turn if I kept turning it it would fire in the correct order one at a time with a good spray pattern and no leaks at all....

I am still confused how it leaked in the first place. The intake manifold was full of fuel, pulled the head, and the block out, drained the oil, and I am pulling the pan in the morning and looking at the bearings and the rods etc.

pulled the beast out

good by SR

I think this might be the problem lol!!!

Put everything else to the side

Even gave it a little color

Got new (used) rods, and BNIB rings


Im giving it my best to keep her and make her go!

Went to Toyota Fest today, once we left, started rebuilding the whole motor. 

With adequate supply of water and beer in the tool chest.

Problem child was replaced

with a New used rod

Brand New rings where installed

Wrapped my Downpipe with heat wrap.

Installed a SARD Fuel Pressure Gauge I had laying around

Honed, then Installed the pistons and rods back into the block.

Then Time just to reinstall and torq down everything.

Lol this is what happens when a bunch of hot drunk girls (my neighbors come home at 1am).... car gets abandoned still in place!!! lol

The Valve Cover got fuel on it, and ruined the paint, so I sanded it down, and gave it a new look.

Might as well make use of the sticker I have to paint over now... with A touch of color

Peel it off

All Done, Going to Install it back into the car tomorrow... fingers crossed.

here are some sexy pics of the car to end with for the day with the Battle-Garage One off Carbon Fiber Fender flares!

Fenders need to be pulled more


Worked a 16hr shift today, then installed the motor, got it in, just need to wait for my o-rings to come in tomorrow and test fire her up.

Getting the beast in

Its in! what a good feeling hahahah it always is

Trans mount in

Drive shaft in

Valve cover done, hope to have it running tomorrow.... fingers crossed.


She is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

I am so freaking happy!!!!!!

Love how I redid the valve cover etc it turned out better then I thought it would!!!

List for tomorrow:

Get SR slave cylinder and line, drive car to my buddies and built the exhaust!!!! Finish dash so speedo, tach, temp works for sure! Then I am done!!!!!!!!


I got a s14 slave cylinder, and lines for 20 bucks. Cut it to fit the AE86, and flared the ends, the nissan thread pitch is the same as toyota so it bolted right up! Got to take the first drive today!

Finishing the exhaust tomorrow and the E-Brake and its done!!!!!!!!!

got my HKS filter in from japan!


I did the VW sunshade mod to the AE86, with a little of my own changes to it.

Part number from VW 3c0 064 360 its only 15 bucks lol!!!

Come with all the hardware too

Pull off the speaker covers, this is where I made a bracket out of alum to space it out so u can put the covers back on.

Use some self tapping screws

Put the covers back on

put the oem clip in

and your are done


Thanks another guy in club4ag posted it, its a sweet cheap nice mod.

Thinking about making a plate to cover up the intake manifold, might glass it in CF

HKS filter on, I need to lower it a little but its pretty much done.

Got the exhaust done today with xene, whole thing cost about 120 bucks to make V-Band and all!

since my garage does not have a 210 outlet we had to stick weld the tac welds then bring it to his place to finish it off.

Pile of steel

Cutting it down to fit proper

Downpipe and flex pipe tac welded

V-Band welded

Mid pipe

lol caught the blanket on fire

Midpipe continued

Brought it back to xenes to use the 210 self feeding welder, Not the prettiest welds but its all full depth and strong.

welding some hangers

Cutting down some pipe to make the angle for the muffler

Getting the pipe positioned under the rearend

Testing out angles for the muffler

Time to weld the pipes and bends up


Started to make the flange and screamer pipe for the wastegate

Cut a piece of steel I had laying around

Used a piece of paper to mark out the wastegate bolt holes

Drill some holes


So the rims are crazy wide 15x10-38.... and even the flares just did not cover it enough, so I am going super saiyen, double dragon style


One Idea i had for the LED configuration

Remove rim


cutty cut, cut




Finished trimming the sheet metal and the fiberglass over fenders, and rivated them all on

You can see it still is not wide enough for the 15x10-38 rims, so flares are a GO

Carbon Fiber flares fitted to overfenders


I got the E-brakes finished, took a steel tube cut it to length, and used a angle grinder to cut a line down the center, slipped it over the brake and bolted it in place, and now I have brakes!!!

I also played with some of my extra piping and made my intake fit without interfering with the hood.

The gauge cluster is pretty much all wired up, The gas gauge is the only thing I am having a bit of trouble with... I know a KA sending unit will work, but I have never swapped a sending unit from one car to another... I need to do some research on this...

Also I am going to install the the AERO Catch latchs in the morning.



Worked my last day at County, I am going to miss that hospital and all the cool people there, but I miss my family in Norcal too so its bitter sweet.

I have been lagging on the ae86 a bit, i really want to get her to paint before I move... but it seems less and less likely as I am running out of time...

Got a quick release for my fat ass to get in and out easier lol

Here is a shot of the engine bay with the intake completed

I got the hood fully mounted, and started working on the Aero Catch latches

I used the OEM holes and re-drilled them to fit the Aero Catch latch pins

put the washers and nut on and tight it down

You may need to bend and wiggle it to get it to fit perfect

Put the hood down and mark where the pin hits it and drill a hole

Take the latch and use a pen and mark around it

remove and you have an outline

use a dremel to cut the basic out line

Then i used a grinding bit on a drill to round it out

Depending on your placement for the hood pins u may need to cut back a bit of the back plating to fit the latches flush

If you do this right it will snap in snug!

You can drill the holes and put the 6 little nuts and bolts in, but if you do this tight enough it wont need them at all.

Got the car out for some pics :0)

If anyone wants to donate a rear bumper that will match the widebody I could really use it before it goes to paint....



Dash is coming along great!

Tach, speedo, temp gauge, blinkers, highbeams etc all work.... just cant figure out how to get the gas gauge to read the toyota sending unit....

sexy front

sexy ass

a little something for yall


Well its been a bit since I posted on here I moved back to the bayarea and been partying with my buddies for about a week strait lol. I am finally settled in my new place! I am SUPER glad to be back in the Bay Area! My babies got there new garage! and and comfortable too!!!

Washed the mazda, looks good again (except for the rag top that exploded on me, while driving up here)

Had to repair it with RTV, which worked good, but looks ugly. I heard a noise on the road while driving, and when to poke my finger near it, and a 2 foot patch blew open while i was driving 80mph on the highway scared the ____ out me!!!!

The cars all over the place when I first got here.

God I love this little silly car

The Monster MR2

My buddies Elcamino he just sold, for another Elcamino he is going to big block! but its out the garage and my AE86 is inside next to my MR2 looking little a Initial D meet lol

So I actually started some work on the AE86. getting the OEM Gas cap to fit the widebody

Remove the two screws with a screwdriver that hold the gas cap to the car

Found a piece of aluminum tubing. But you could use steel or probably even plastic lol. Then Found some longer bolts M5-.80x40 class 8.8 from lows ( i had in bucket of bolts) and cut the aluminum tubing to space it. I also used a washer to hold it in place. These size bolt fitted my gas cap perfect to space it to my origin 35mm over fenders, but it will very from car to car so measure lol

Then remove the lock that is attached to the gas cap with a 10mm socket.


Get a piece of steel or aluminum ( i used aluminum since i had it, and its easier to form)

Bend it to the shape of the lock

Cut it down, and mark it where the bolt hole is

drill ur hole

test fit it, and measure for how far out you want the gas cap to close so its flush with the widebody

Drill you second hole larger so it will allow for the door lock to slip in

Bend it and adjust it, it may take a few trys but its easier to work with, and you can get it flush

Done :0) and practally free


Well, I love NORCAL! I have been partying with all my friends, and killed my immune system! lol I guess 13 days strait of partying and clubbing will do that.

So I started to work on the AE again. Put some AERO Catch lates on the trunk so its secure.

Make a template for it

draw a outline

cut it out

Test fit

Look through the hole and mark it

Drill hole

Extrude it to the size of the latch bolt

Now bolt it in

all done and repeat on the otherside


I love my place! Its got so many beasts!!! like it a Hodge podge of kick ass cars!

Messing with the Fender Flares, I need to cut the widebody fenders so I can clear my rims then mount the fender flares to that... lol love it!

Started working on my Daily Drivers extra set of tail lights I had laying around.

Red Tinted the whole taillight, blocked off a square to fit in the reverse lights.

I also will install a pair of rectangles across the right side and a diode and resister set up to make it high low. Below that there will be a thine strait line that will be the blinker.

.... I think I am a bit ADHD... cause I can not focus on just one project... lol

blinker, may use it as a running light and put a diode so it goes low to high for braking.


My new job at Kaiser, and actaully having an active social life again has taken up some of my time. but I finally got some work done to my ae.

Fitted the Solex locks to the car. It was kind of a pain, but not all that bad. I had to cut my own Notching into the lock cylinder. Since the CF doors are thicker (but lighter) then the Sheet metal OEM doors. So the OEM notching would not work with the backplate. 

close up

I trimmed the Widebody fenders, so that I can lower the car more, and make full use of the Fender flares that go ontop of them.


Thanks boosted86, I love them too!

So I went to work on my AE86, had a bunch of things to do, and ended up getting sidetracked with my friends Elcamino lol... oh well..

I did how ever get my Exhaust hangers attached, so the exhaust is held on by more then 1 lol. and I wrapped up the injectors wires, so it is a bit less of a rats nest lol

Things left to do:

1) Replace segment of brake line, and move it down away from the trans tunnel.

2) Bleed brakes

3) Wire fans to ignition

4) input shaft seal replacement

5) Gas Gauge resistor wired up

6) Have cage lateral bars installed and mounted

7) upgrade sway bar attachment points

8) Attach flares

9) Paint car


Painted my cage, since it was ugly and banged up! Might throw some of my older stickers too

I need Donations!!! I am ready to Paint my car, but I need a JDM or aftermarket REAR bumper for cheap... if anyone has any ideas of a DIY fix, or what not my USDM bumper is ugly and should not be painted with my car... so someone make a wish come true and hook me up with a better rear bumper!


got a new rear bumper!!! Excited to install it and send my baby off to paint!


Bumper installed!!!! I am going to space it a little to match the widebody! but ya it was easy!


19 mm socket

10 mm socket

Phillips Screwdriver

Flathead Screwdriver

Remove the (4) 19mm bolts in the trunk (pb blaster or wd40 them to help ease the bolts off)

then there are (2) 10mm bolts behind the plastic trim in the trunk quarter panels.

Then there is (2) 10mm bolts for the side piece where the mud guards are

and finally (1) 10mm bolt holding the bumper to the quarter panels trim

Uglier then sin USDM rear bumper!!!

yes almost there!!!

Ohhh giggity!!!!


and my JDM replica Jblood style bumper!


My steering wheel was painted not very well, so I decided to play with it.

Here is how it was


Had a few issues come up, my first brake line fix did not work, so I had to get a double flare tool and repaire it. Then the Fuel lines to my SARD Fuel Pressure guage started i cut out the leaking portion and repaired it. I am still having rough idle underwarm up, but I think I have driveable enough to go to paint. so here she is... in all her glory lol


Thank you everyone I really apprecaite it, your words help keep me motivated.

got some origin style front fenders, figured while im waiting to get the car together enough for a real paint job, I will put a little color on em, rattle can style lol... for now.

used some painters tap, and plastic wrap to cover it up

first coat, its cold out here, u can see the mist still from the can

next coat a little thicker

unmasked her and she looks ok lol

not to horribly for no prep work, and a ______ rattle can

I might rattle can the whole car, and wrap the doors... until I have time to get the car painted in pearl...

I made a one off pearl paint code, for a single stage paint job since I am sure I will smash this car up a bit tracking it. So why spend a ton on paint right? The paint code is based off a mitsubishi color with some of the paint code removed from it. I could post the formula is some one wants it.

This is just the super cheap $1 white spray can from Homedepo lol

Got some goodies, worked a 16hr shift last night, got off 130am went to pic up a GTS gas tank (thanks johnathan!! seriously cool guy!!!!) started test fitting the nissan sending unit in the tank, i am going to have to make an adapter or have a welding shop put one in for me, but this is on it s way! 

I also picked up some stuff to make a camera rig, that will mount to the car. cost less the 100 bucks and has highend suction cups, go pro mounts, aluminum square stock, and folds down!!! I bought a bunch of homedepo 99 cent paint too hahhahahaha

I Definitely got some work done today! Started masking off the car

outlined the window trim as close as I could ( I would recomend removing all this if you where doing a professional job, it looks much better)

Used some garbage bags to cover the large areas

Started taping off the rest of the body

Dont forget to cover up everything you dont want paint or overspray on

Start shooting your color

Started unmasking it all

Drilled holes for the corner light and put the bumper back on

Test fitting the fender flares over the origin over fenders. This is pretty much how the car is going to look after I get a better paint job, but for now it looks ok!


Came back from vacation, so i figured I was bored and I should make something with my hands.

Started on this Ebrake handle

buy wood

cut wood

Sand the handle to your liking

Notch the grip

Hand sand out the burn marks


put gloss on it

50mm RCA


lol ya extra computer chair on the deck, or sawhorse hahah it works.

Pearl and white plasti dipped my Mirrors as "test attempt" before I do my CF doors to match the panda paint theme. Turned out pretty good. It is very weird stuff, the first time I tried applying plasti dip it did not turn out so well... u lay it down totally different then real paint. I used the pearl plasti dip on my trim to test it out, and see if it will work on the rest of the car, seemed to work


Godspeed screamer pipe came in today. 

Going to install it tomorrow and paint the doors peal white with plasti dip.

Made a little Intro Video

Plasti dip fail... I dont know what is up with this stuff.... I used to really hate it, looks funky, seems cheap... But when done right it can look pretty decent. But it seems to be the luck of the draw whether it will or not... I am giving it one more chance. I am Not too happy with the first coat of plasti dip... looks uneven, had a few runs... just all around ______... I will order 2 more cans and re attempt this. After that I am Over plasti Dip forever.

10ft rule lol

ugly close up

At least my ebrake matches nice.... 


Well tons of coats later...

Still looks horrible

a little better

Oh no paint on my mirror

This part is convenient

ok 3 cans lol on one half a door!!! I think its cause its white trying to cover over black, why it sucks so much.

I still dont really like it... just is not even and smooth as paint... seems funky. but hey I can just pull it off, when I am ready to send it off to a real paint shop.


The mr2 may go under the knife again soon. I have been looking into changing out the fuel setup, and possibly turbo too.

I am definitely going E85 (as there is an abundance in my local area)

Swapping out my 1200cc injectors and putting in 2200cc

Getting ride of the duel walbro 255s, and putting in either a walbro400 or Aeromtive 1000 undecided.

upgrading my return line.

and possibly swapping out the ported gt3582R and getting a 6262 or something... not sure I want to do this, since I really have not maxed out the GT and kinda want to see what I can get...


spent 4 bucks and made a cooling plate


F*%K getting the ebrake handle of was a HUGE PITA! It did not want to budge, ended up cutting it down the center to remove it lol!

So I wanted to make a push button for my wooden ebrake handle.

took a 11/16 bit to drill the hole for the ebrake to slip on

Hole drilled

and a 5/8 for the button

got a slighter larger rod then the 5/8's

Cut it down to the size I would need for the botton to work, this may take a couple of tries to get perfect. so cut it long and trim down

Used my dremel to cut the rod to shop, but it always leaves burn markes

Sanded the burn markes out, and smoothed the edges

Use a wood screw in the end of the dowel, and cut the head off. I tried a nail at first and it slips off too easy, sorry the pic should have been with the wood screw

Clamped it to the drill!!

Sand down the tip of the dowel so you can slid it through your 5/8 hole, but the bigger portion of dowel stops if from falling out

Like this

Then stain it to match your other wood items!

a little clear to make it look shinny

All done with wooden button and all

(ps the ebrake is bent to the side cause I have a SR20det motor and trans otherwise there would be interference with the shifter)


I have not done anywork on the Corolla, but I did build a tirerack, needed to get this made, so I could have more room in the garage.

Finished up the LED tail lights

Not sure I like the turn signal so I may pull it out, and just but a LED board.


Here is some info to help others do LED tails for them self

After you have your tails apart and mounted the leds, here comes the wiring. 



wire cutter

Diodes 3amp 50piv

resistors 220ohm

male bulb with 3 wires

here is a pic of it wired up for high and low beam

take the two power wires, for high and low beam. put Diodes on the (make sure to have them facing the direction you want the current to flow)

On the low beam wire, put a resistor on it. 

Connect highbeam to high beam

low beam to low beam

and ground to ground.

Boom your done

Some pics playing with the track rims I have laying around

PS I also finally ordered my 2200cc injectors from TCS for my mr2, hopefully they will get here soon, so I can have my tuner tune my car already hahhahaah!!!! big HP here I come


My bday is coming, and I got myself a few things: 

Oil cooler

ID 2200cc injectors for my mr2, and a new tune on E85

I am still waiting for some other random little things to come in too

I got to figure out where is the best place to mount this thing lol


Not a much has gotten done to the ae86. But the MR2 is almost done with my fuel revamp!

Got the Car at Agressive Performance, Sue is taking good care of my baby, there is even another widebody to keep mine company they meet in Socal befoer hehehe

Injector Dynamics 2200cc (210 pound) Topfeed injectors

Getting a Walbro 416 installed, Larger Return lines, and Tunning!

Giving a walbro 255 to my buddy xene for his Alltrack! since I wont need em anymore.

Also I finished my Tirerack, painted it, and threw on some stickers I had laying around from my car builds.


got the 50mm rca's in, but just noticed they where rubbing a little on my control arms onto my rotor... Fudge!!! so I "rolled the edge of the control arm a bit so I would have clearance! what a Pain in the ass...

Replaced my back wheel stud, since one of the threads was messed up

swapped over to my Konig- Watanabe replica rims.

Put the side skirts back on, front bumper, rear bumper etc. 

Man am I tired, but now I can make room for my buddies 71 Elcamino and we can put together his 454

got the 50mm rca's in, but just noticed they where rubbing a little on my control arms onto my rotor... Fudge!!! so I "rolled the edge of the control arm a bit so I would have clearance! what a Pain in the ass...

Replaced my back wheel stud, since one of the threads was messed up

swapped over to my Konig- Watanabe replica rims.

Put the side skirts back on, front bumper, rear bumper etc. 

Man am I tired, but now I can make room for my buddies 71 Elcamino and we can put together his 454

I love when ____ comes in the mail!!


Got some T3 Power steering knuckles and outer tie rods

Still working on her.... man so many little details and bugs... ____


1)Cold start idle issues....

2) drill bolts for rear sway bar

3) install my Poly Bushing EVERYWHERE

4) Install T3 power steering knuckles and outer tie rods

5) Mount Bumper better...

6) get fuel cell made for Nissan sending unit

7) bushing for rear right coilover

8)buy tires for track rims

9) still need to get her painted

....So much work...

So I had to do something a little more Eye Candy wise

New Track rims, 15x9 neg15 on all four. 




Been too busy, I need to change my intake manifold gasket, and I need to fix the FPR, and of course to add to the list I buy more stuff lol

Got a GT28RS I could not say no too

and some Lugs


Wow amazing!

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