DIY Rust repair - Rear quarter/fender by Smaggo

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DIY Rust repair - Rear quarter/fender

Compliments of Smaggo @


My car is rusted out. I am going to try and fix it. Perhaps some of what I do can help you fix you're own car.


Welder - I use a MIG welder with .23 solid core wire - 75/24/1 Argon mix

Angle Grinder - cutting/grinding/sanding

Jig Saw - For cutting the wood used to mold the sheet metal

Hammers and Dollies 


Tape Measure/Square/Ruler


.22 gauge sheet metal

Wood - I had some Pine Plywood from another project I used









































Work in progress.


Thx for the comments. This is the first time I weld sheet metal/shape it.

I was told by a guy advertising on CL as a welder with 30 years exp, that I should junk my car, that it would be impossible for me to fix, and that people charge thousands of dollars to do this type of repair on classic cars.

I will add more details on the work as I go.

Primer on bare metal

Final clean up after welding the holes where I burnt thru

Some Bondo... Not exactly sure how this will end up yet.

All suggestions welcome, thx in advance.