DIY widebody gas cap from OEM by marley4us

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DIY widebody gas cap from OEM

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So I actually started some work on the AE86. getting the OEM Gas cap to fit the widebody

Remove the two screws with a screwdriver that hold the gas cap to the car

Found a piece of aluminum tubing. But you could use steel or probably even plastic lol. Then Found some longer bolts M5-.80x40 class 8.8 from lows ( i had in bucket of bolts) and cut the aluminum tubing to space it. I also used a washer to hold it in place. These size bolt fitted my gas cap perfect to space it to my origin 35mm over fenders, but it will very from car to car so measure lol

Then remove the lock that is attached to the gas cap with a 10mm socket.


Get a piece of steel or aluminum ( i used aluminum since i had it, and its easier to form)

Bend it to the shape of the lock

Cut it down, and mark it where the bolt hole is

drill ur hole

test fit it, and measure for how far out you want the gas cap to close so its flush with the widebody

Drill you second hole larger so it will allow for the door lock to slip in

Bend it and adjust it, it may take a few trys but its easier to work with, and you can get it flush

Done :0) and practally free