Wood Ebrake for ur wood interior :) by marley4us

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Wood Ebrake for ur wood interior :)

Compliments of marley4us @ club4ag.com


Started on this Ebrake handle

buy wood

cut wood

Sand the handle to your liking

Notch the grip

Hand sand out the burn marks


put gloss on it

F*%K getting the ebrake handle of was a HUGE PITA! It did not want to budge, ended up cutting it down the center to remove it lol!

So I wanted to make a push button for my wooden ebrake handle.

took a 11/16 bit to drill the hole for the ebrake to slip on

Hole drilled

and a 5/8 for the button

got a slighter larger rod then the 5/8's

Cut it down to the size I would need for the botton to work, this may take a couple of tries to get perfect. so cut it long and trim down

Used my dremel to cut the rod to shop, but it always leaves burn markes

Sanded the burn markes out, and smoothed the edges

Use a wood screw in the end of the dowel, and cut the head off. I tried a nail at first and it slips off too easy, sorry the pic should have been with the wood screw

Clamped it to the drill!!

Sand down the tip of the dowel so you can slid it through your 5/8 hole, but the bigger portion of dowel stops if from falling out

Like this

Then stain it to match your other wood items!

a little clear to make it look shinny 

All done with wooden button and all

(ps the ebrake is bent to the side cause I have a SR20det motor and trans otherwise there would be interference with the shifter)