The return of old white shitty by NashMan

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The return of old white shitty 

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well she broke last year not sure what I did but now it is time to see what I did

I am pretty sure I crushed a ring land but we will see tomorrow


well turns out 585 is just tad to much for the stock rings with over 180 plus k on them

they simply just deseated them self's since there is no abnormale ware on the cyc bores
from crush ring land or cracked ring

I did notice I going to have to send off my header and down pipe toi be coated to cut down on the heat since the header wrap is not cutting it (shit glows cherry)

Stay tuned I got some pretty neat stuff that is going to make this beast into a monster


well turns out my turbine wheel has sean some crap it not to bad but still fuck .............

gonna call PTE tomorrow



well there must be a rain cloud over my head but I spotted another thing Grrrrrrr

I have crack in my cylinder head and makes it way all the way to the exhaust valve seat it's not huge but still


all post pic's later


well got some stuff done and got some nice close up's of the crack as well so on tues day off to the muchine shop she goes

now the crack grrrrr


well head ready just dropped it off at buddies place to be welded and to pull the seat out so it can be fixed
i might be porting it some more and ccing the head as well even thou it has been done all ready

this stuff I just got in the mail, the sun shad I had for ait but still both of them are rad and are well made


got some stuf done migth re do teh duct abouit and stuff


I got my head back from the shop were I got the crack fix turned out it cracked all the way into the port and over time my valve seat would have failed to fail in it's place which would be pretty bad

as you can see it has bean done properly by ball penning to get rid of pock holes\debre ect

as you can see I have to some widdaling to do with the die grinder

ya Brent ya hit it on the nail this is the cheaper root if there was another crack i would have started with a new head

head has bean cut as in valves and seats and ported and reshaped

so this repair going to cost me so far 160 for the crack repair and touch up on some minor pits

and 80 to cut new value and put the 3 dollar valve seat in and time

so this way is more cost effective


well got some more stuff done wail waiting for some stuff to come in right now, I pretty happy on the pace right now

turbo is on it' way back from pte and only cost 300 to fix and they exchanged my 68 hot side for 81 for free so that pretty cool of them

still have not herd about my clutch from horsepower freaks i think i am going to give them a call on Monday

all got my head back that I have to do some work on as well I have one complaint thou the valve sit's in 20 thou in and the other valve is proud 20 should not be bad but I am not happy about it not sure if i want to complain about it either

I all so vented my hood to vent off some heat i done this in the past and works very well

well got some more stuff to do

so stay tuned

thanks guys and yes it can be cheaper to fix a head some times then re cut and tip valve plus the work in porting

I figured out what going to do about the valve that sunk in 20 thou low i just going to re cut the other valve to mach it  

this will all so balance out the flow for the exhaust valve if it was an intake i would not really care to much

Kruso I post only so much since there lots kiddy O's kicking and bitching but i not going any were any time soon

right now I am re doing my climate controls right now the extension hares was tad thick so i swapped the 18 gauge weiring for 20 gauge

all post this later on


Well I finished re-working my head and I hate to say it turned out really really good like to the point that were was never crack there to begin with once it gets the final plain done and slightly covered in carbon



all because of this bull shit cracked all the way though the port

so all I have to do now is drop my rear diff out tomorrow and replace the pinion seal

and check my back lash


Well I pulled my diff because my oil broke down to fast it's band new and hardly no mileage

Suspect was to much heat reason to tight of gear mesh

I got this diff done for me like 3 year's ago and they did a shitty job the mesh was from heel to toe of the ring gear and zero back lash

and they hammer in the side carrier shims and looks to me like they did not use a case spreader

well i was going to fix it my self but i don't have shim's so fuck it i called them back and bitched at them about what i saw and they agreed to fix it as they should why should I have to fix something I paid for and the funny part is i told them gonna check there work it did not phase them so i though ti was all good.......

well i was happy tell I got the diff back

gear mesh was good thank god perload was good too

only 3 blots were tight on the back cover last ones were hand tight if that
use shit load of silicone about close to 1/2 sweez though
diff itself was cover in metale like some one was grinding near it when it was open

so i called them open told them what i saw and that was that

any way this is the turn out i got aka my pattern it's pretty good so that is a plus

now what reallt suck is just ot qoute fro kazz lsd fulid and it is 60 bucks a can:

spec's on my diff

solid spacer
3.91 gear
kazz lsd
kazz fulid

this just goes to show you do all your own work if you can trust no one


short block complete

well window switch is pretty much installed just need to soder in the tac wire and good to go for that one

oil squirter delete is done as well 

and what i have been dreading is fitting in the Teflon crank scrapper 

hope to have the pan on tommrow wiht the every thign els done

wish me luck becaus ei need this done befor july 15th


well I am just about done fitting the scarper next is the teflon which should be rather easy here some pic's


well head is done i all ways find it faster to do it as a team makes shit allot faster

painted my block

clarence my oil pump pickup some as well it about 1/2 to 3/4 from tube to floor

oh and i went to put my oil pump gear on and found this this is factory as well so i de bured it with a die grinder and then sanded it away to prevent it from cracking


well some time has past my heag gasket came in and it was not bent this time woot woot  

done brake lines fuly install
long block complete
msd window switch fully installed
replaced my acsumspe vavle the old one was leaking

what to do today install more make a crank stop jigg so i can torq down my blacer then install trans and then build a new down pipe busy week end for me

on to the pic's


well fair amonte got done yesterday engine/trannie/rad is in and lots of miss stuff bolted up


now all I have to do now is build down pipe and send it off to be coated since i rushed my last one and did not fit all to well


well no fire up today i still have to make a dip stick

But I am going to break it in way that is really never mention here on sm

I going to break it in with no waste gate so no boost so I can beat the piss out of it to break in thous molly rings

I fabbed up a make shift tube off my manifold with sc40 poo pipe with the spare flang i had

then after about 25 mins of driving stabbing the throttle a bunch of times drain oil re install waste gate re torq head then off to get her tuned


well car pistons melted and damaged my cylinder head form bad tunner
so I am up to my old tricks again

and improven on some stuff this time around

Well Since my old ported head was destroy from detonation Grrrrrrrrrrr

I got my self a new head to play with 92 casting as well

and some well pictures of group A heads porting job that I took my self

I figure I will put about 20 plus hours into this head alone and I will have to get custom pistons to boot since so much will be removed

The virgin

ps the old motor put out 617 at 20 pounds with melted pistons and befor they melted the car did 535 spinning on the roller so it never recorded well at 15 pounds


I am not going to really show to much what I am doing got to keep some stuff to my self

chamber pic's are all over inter net away and there are 2 different porting jobs as well from what I have scene

and after talking with JE they streed me in some other directions with what I am going to do

in order to do what I wana do I have to run rather large piston with really different dish some what like the 2jz and then use brain crowers valve re-leaf cuts so when running my 272 it still will be none interfacer hit

after some talking around and getting some pic's the group a ran semi flat top and the comp ratio that they got was about 8

I am going to try to shoot for 9 if I can it will be hard

see all the magic is in the pitons at this point since the group A's quench pads are ground out so much because the valve's are so tight with each other and are really shadowed  

forther more i going to be getting my buddie to tig in some maitrial to make the chamber even more defined  

so in the end I am going to call this the NM max flow head with use tid bits of knowlage form many sources

well dropped my cylinder head at the machine shop to be fly cutted to deshourd the valves some then after that is done going to stick my head in the oven and push out my vavle guides with a brass drift

resone for fly cutting is it will be easier to match when porting


Well I got my head back but now it's time to grind grind grind

you can see how much is all ready taken out all ready and have yet to even start lol

Stay tuned


Been some time but she will be back this summer I hope.

"collected some nice parts for her too"

ps The first lowest boost i can run pull was @15 pounds but it did 535 spinning the rollers thou so it never recorded right lol, The last number it pulled was 617 @21 pounds with two fried pistons ):

ps when ya feel nervous about some thing your tunner is doing don't do it

or you end in my shoes and still waiting for this to be all over


My new turbo came in can ya guess what one I am going to use

funny part is this is the level,s I have jumped in turbo upgrades though out the life of my car


well time to get lets some kitten's out of the bag gonna keep some in for now

I call the one in the middle stampy lol

On a side not My head just about done at the muchine shop and well she's good for 9000 rpm easy This is not the head I was working on ether this one is very special and same as with the cam shafts

but trying to pick up a set of stock sized stainless jz vavles to fit into it
I wana get ferria but them things are bloody pricey any one els know of cheeper valve but can the abuse of high rpm and hella huge lift cam

any who here are some kitten's I am letting out of the bag


Well I have some neat pic's

lets some more kittens out

there is some damage that will have to be fixed thou

number six has been repaired before but not up to my stander's so it will get carved out some and welded up and number 3 as well in less I plain it out


does any one know if the 5mge oil pump drive sprocket fit's the 7mgte??? I figure it should and be alot stronger then the shitty 7m one

i know i will have to get a 84 to 85 one thosu since they changed the timing belt the cogs are different


Well just got some dual super tec valve springs coming happy dance

Cams are sent off to be speced out 100 bucks to get it done so stay tuned for that one

Tomorrow i am ordering some +1 manley valves.. I wanted to use 2j ones but sadly I couldn't in less I ran shim under the spring or had thicker retainers made to make up the diff in seat pressure

it's all coming together slowly and I hope to fry tires in the spring


these just came in the mail

and for fun this some sick pic's of my truck at auto cross


shit just got real

new toy to help build my car


@50 we have a nice number of 236.7 dur and peek lift is 411 (10.4mm) (stock is 201 @50 and 7.54 of lift)

this is with cam gear what ever that means cause there are 2 spec's

so really these are really high rpm cam shaft and will be perfect for the 9000 rpm motor I am building

now there so much over lap that i wounder if i might need to use a vacume pump

for fun here is he biggest cam for the 7mgte by brain cower

dur @ 50 is 226 and peak lift is 8.6

brain cowers full blow race cam for the 2jz

@50 232 and a lift of 11.48

so ya these cams are pretty big

you will have to duble click to go to photo bucket then you can zoom in from there

on a side note i pulled the 4 seats out of the head and I was shocked on how shitty of job the repair was who ever installed the seats did not put a chamfer on the seat so when there were installing them it carved abit of alum and made it pile up under the seat

plus how the hell can you get good interference fit with out chamfering the bottom of the new seat

in the end I could see that seat falling out over time

here some pic's


Well I got my intake manifold in today need some work on the runner has nasty pitch at the end of the runner were it meets the flange but every thing els is fine

This is were I am going to add filler to smooth out the 30 degree pocket since it will wick up the air when hitting it


this came in the mail


Well it's time to start to build old white shitty

dead line is july

let the fun begin


Wow it's been a along time
But I have started to work on it again

i just chucked in the mock up block and now it time to start fabbing


All update this when I get home i have gotten some stuff worked out waiting on my new turbo thou


New wheels 

turbo still have to change up the header thou basicly mod it a bit 


Group A head and stage 3 trd cams 


Group A oil pan restore

Old turbo kinda sat to high so it for sale

throttle body and wasgate

so that's it for now