The return of old white shitty by NashMan

By diyauto
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The return of old white shitty 

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well she broke last year not sure what I did but now it is time to see what I did

I am pretty sure I crushed a ring land but we will see tomorrow


well turns out 585 is just tad to much for the stock rings with over 180 plus k on them

they simply just deseated them self's since there is no abnormale ware on the cyc bores
from crush ring land or cracked ring

I did notice I going to have to send off my header and down pipe toi be coated to cut down on the heat since the header wrap is not cutting it (shit glows cherry)

Stay tuned I got some pretty neat stuff that is going to make this beast into a monster


well turns out my turbine wheel has sean some crap it not to bad but still fuck .............

gonna call PTE tomorrow