'94 TT - Summer Build by Patrick94TT

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'94 TT - Summer Build 

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*All the dates in the pictures are wrong. They're all from within the past couple weeks.
(5/18/09 - present)*

I've owned my Supra for almost three years now, and in those three years, I've put about 15k miles on her and left the mods BPU. When the car was handed over to me, it had 66k on the clock and the only mods were a Random Technology exhaust and high flow cat, an Apex'i AVC-R and FMIC, as well as an HKS BCC. Since then, I have installed Tein coilovers, a RMM downpipe, an HKS 4" Ti, and UR adjustable cam gears. I've also been running the turbos in TTC mode and have been happy with the performance.

Well now I've got the bug and took this hot ass summer down here in Palm Springs to finally build my Supra. Basically I'm breaking it down into stages, first being the head, then the AEM and BL tranny, then the fuel, intake mani, and turbo (looking at a GT42 series, but still researching). I'm hoping to be done by December (it stays hot down here well through October and November).

Over the past weekend, we started with "stage one". And when I say we, I mean me and my buddy and fellow Supra owner Eric, who is currently in the process of going Haltech and R154 on his TT (you'll see it in the pictures).

Everything went pretty smoothly, other than all the turbo hoses breaking. The hardest part was removing the black IAC pipe the runs along the firewall from the turbos to the IAC. After we got that off, the valve covers and cams were faily simple to pull out.

Anyway, these are the pictures thus far. Most of the good ones are from the first night we worked on it. I didn't take any pictures two nights ago when we were taking the turbos out. It was way too effin' frustrating and I was swearing up a storm. The last two pictures were taken from my camera phone when we called it a night after the turbo removal. As they sit, we only have the two bolts holding the #1 turbo to the exhaust manifold to take off and then the twins are out. It was getting to hard because we didn't have a 14mm ratchet wrench.

I'd also like to thank my buddy Eric for letting my Supra take over his backyard shop for like a month. Also Glenn FD, a local engine builder and cool guy who's going to be giving us his expertise while we reassemble everything. He owns a 600+ HP FD RX-7 monster. Also big thanks to Jon98TT here on the forums who shipped me over the tools necessary to reassemble the head and remove the valve seals! Thanks dude, you'll be getting them back soon!

On to the pics:

How the car sat the weeks before the build:

In Eric's shop, with his Supra (The pit makes things nice!):

Basically the very start, upper radiator pipe off:

Drive belt off:

Just a couple pictures of the pit:

My lame stock exhaust. Haha I had to pass SMOG the day before this build. Good for two years hahaha...

Handy-dandy DIY crank pulley puller (Worked like a charm, no problems at all):

Crank was off in like 3 mins.:

Couple pictures of how the pulley puller worked:

Crank off, drive belt tensioner off, timing belt covers removed:

Cam gears out, timing belt tensioner out, timing belt removed:

Random picture of the coilpacks out, and the spark plugs showing:

An hour or so later, first valve cover out:

Ceran wrap over the cam to protect it from any shit falling in there:

Second valve cover out:

Pulling the cams out. I easily fit right where the battery was, pretty sweet!:

How we organized the caps and buckets/shims:

Couple close up shots of the head with the cams out, I pulled one spring from each side to inspect the valve. Looked good:

Another picture of everything organized:

Another couple pictures of the Supras when we left that night:

This is the progress we made a couple nights ago. The twins are hanging on by two bolts. I'm getting a 14mm ratchet wrench and getting them off tomorrow. The turbos had little shaft play as well. I couldn't pull in and out, but they wiggle a tiny bit left to right: