Going Single after 10 years / SP F1 Manifold, PTE6265 by Josh S

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Going Single after 10 years / SP F1 Manifold, PTE6265 

Compliments of Josh S @ supraforums.com


Well after owning my Supra for 10 years I decided it was about time to go single. I've pushed the stock twins about as far as they will go and have reached a wall with them, so time to move on to bigger and better things.  

I've decided to go with SP's new F1 manifold with a kit form them as well with a PTE6265 turbo. I'm having the manifold build to accommodate a quick spool valve, but will be running a spacer in its place for now to get a feel for the spool without it. I may buy one later so I will have a good comparison if I do.  

While I'm waiting for the manifolds to be built and for the snow to start melting, I decided to start getting the car ready.

I will update the list below as I go, but this is what I'm doing so far


-ProEFI 128 System, w/ 52mm CAN gauge
-SP F1 manifold
-SP 4" Stainless Steel Downpipe/Midpipe Coated Silver
-Precision PW46 Wastegate
-SP 4" Polished Intake
-Precision 6265 CEA Billet, polished/coated silver 1.00A/R Divided housing
-SP Fuel system, 880cc injectors, dual Walbro pumps
-Fluidyne Radiator
-Titan Billet radiator brackets
-Titan Polished Radiator Plate
-PHR Drop-down "4-row style" Intercooler pipe
-AEM Methanol Injection Monitor System
-Royal Purple Syncromax tranny fluid
-Red Line Heavy Shockproof for the rear diff
*Relocated ABS Relay box
*Relocated Resistor Box/Igniter

Mods already on the car that are staying:
-Apexi GT-Spec Exhaust
-Greddy 3-Row Intercooler
-HKS RS Coilovers
-Apexi EL Boost Gauge
-HPF Bronze 6-Puck Clutch Disk, Sound Bend Pressure plate, RPS lightweight Flywheel
-Adjustable Cam Gears
-BoostLogic Crank Pulley
-Line Lock Kit
-Braided Stainless Brake Lines
-Hawk HPS Brake Pads
-Meth injection system  

First a "before" picture of the twins:

Next I started pulling on parts to get ready to remove the twins:

I followed this guide http://www.supraforums.com/forum/sho...Removal-How-To and found it very helpful. However I was unable to get the "bitch nut" off so I just went ahead and unbolted the manifold from the head and removed the whole turbo system as one piece.  

And all of the parts I removed:


Great pictures !

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