Checking spring height on a 2JZ!

By diyauto

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For the novice guy or gal, when doing spring height on a 2JZ, it’s hard to measure when there are no tools available to accomplish this.. So, here is a way that anyone can do it! The bonus — this method actually works on more heads than just the 2JZ! Almost any head can be measured by doing this method.
Now, you WON’T be able to do this with the head on the car, (well you could but it would take some more measurements and ingenuity) but if you have the head off and disassembled and ready to not just plop a spring in the head. This will only take a few minutes and ensure that it’s good to go!

tools needed to check spring height this way
—Caliper (yes, the Harbor Freight calipers work great!)
— Calculator
— note pad and pen
— razor blade