68 'vert build down/up by blakiexcharles

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68 'vert build down/up

Compliments of blakiexcharles @ vwvortex.com


here it is, my official build, but the thing is i may need to bump it a few times, because I'm sending it to the body shop on Monday and after that i may not see it for a month. we're getting 3,000 off so you can imagine the quality we're expecting 

im really excited, even though it killed me to rip out the carpet, seats, speakers, and gauges. but when its done, itll be ready for shows.

heres some pics of her before she was gutted.

when i get off work ill upload the tear down pics


^ thats the stock paint


no more gas tank

no more tops

loaded up =/

barely fit

and now she leaves for, who knows how long =[


so i dropped her off today.. the garage is so lonely =[

we decided were going to get all the goop from the old carpet off and linex the inside so its 100% clean rather than putting nice stuff on top of junk


heres a selecta of it, except you know how hard itd be to get the orange


i figure they'll have my car for about a month

and ill finish it by the end of june


ok so the body shop has filled a few holes that i decided weren't necessary, since im giving it a 67 style. these include dash holes... oh s**t bar holes, the air vents and a few more. i am also removing the chrome strip and vw symbol on the front so all of those holes are being filled. also the little rounded parts where stock exhausts go, will be filled


few more hole fillings today


bump for no updates for 9 days =[

see the problem is my dad is buddies with the shop and were getting such a killer deal, we arent exactly top priority.


after so long, id hoped for a bigger update, but things got busy over there.. so i understand.. 


as you can see, im growing impatient 



these updates are too far and wide =/ i do believe im driving myself insane.


so my dad stopped by on Friday and said the body was clean and dent less. they had put in one of the pan savers, and were about to put in the other. if my calculations are correct, that just leaves primer and paint.. riiiight? 




she goes into primer tomorrow!



Last night i got my paint samples, pearl white it is =]

they were trying to suggest i make the dash white, but i think that would look confusing and dumb. what do you guys think? a two tone car with the dash and interior going along with the secondary color (white) i thought it would look best the orange that the rest of the car was going to be (paint starts friday =])


sealed and ready for base coat!!

first few coats of the orange,

this is before the pearl stage

and before the clear stage 



im officially in love

thank you!

im going to be almost uncomfortable driving this 



:'( my first bad review... someone on the samba said.. it was hideous!


good thing im 17 going on 18 and not really out to impress some old dude who im probably never going to meet. 

still no updates... it should be coming home soon though.. i need something to do, and im putting off getting a job until funds run out so i have maximum time. its starting to sound like a bad idea..  i guess its job time.

haha thanks alot, i update the moment i get updates =/ i talked to my dad he hasn't heard anything... so they are probably just painting smallstuff like the glove box tail lights and all that. the dude didnt bother me, i was just wondering how long i was going to get only good feed back, especially since the car is nowhere near any stock color, which many people like. either way, this car is being built.. and if you noticed i tore her down in 3 days not including the motor... i like to work on it so the updates will come much faster, once its back in my hands


today im going down to the body shop to give them some seals, like the bonnet seal and stuff so that when they put the main stuff back on it doesnt rattle too much on the way home. is that a good sign or what!? 

i put the seal on the front with the help of my dad, we were going to put the door seals on too, but my buddy there jason was not satisfied with the quality ( i didnt see anything wrong, but cant complain when they want it better) so they're going to color sand more and put the door seals on. hopefully it will be done next week. but it looks great and this was my first time seeing it in person


doors are on, and it should be coming home by Wednesday


well my dad is being picky and saw a piece or two he wasnt happy with so the estimate was moved back to thurs or fri but heres a teaser they let me take home.

as you can see with and without flash is a huge difference, and honestly the camera doesnt do it justice with artificial lights at least. its lamborghini orange, so im sure you understand..


no updates from the shop yet... i was hoping to get it home today... 

but! i did get my hood latch in the mail! (i accidently closed mine after i removed the glovebox lever  )

heres some odds and ends i recently picked up

oh and i figured id show you guys my storage bin since ive got nothing better to do haha. I have quite a bit of parts just waiting to go back in as soon as it gets home. yaaay new wiring harness 



main wire harness is put in, tail lights, and my old turn signals until i get new ones..

here's todays work..

i installed the windshield, the rear quarter window, the engine rubber, the ashtray, glove box, and fuse box

sorry these pictures are small, i just used my cellphone as i went.


thanks! todays day 2 dedicated only to the bug so hopefully we get the other three windows in and a few more electronics


alright guys, well we didnt get the door windows in yet, because we bought the wrong rubbers for them. but we did get the right rear window with all rubbers installed. the chrome moldings on both sides, and the headlights, wiring included.

the only problem is the beauty rings were in bad shape so we installed one that fit and left the other one off, next time i stop by save a bug ill be picking up two new ones


running boards installed, glovebox/latch/front handle installed, and front right window installed


mirrors! Doorhandles! and I threw the 67 headlight switch in to see how it looked. man it I love it.


I just ordered front bumper brackets to convert the bumper to '67 and earlier euro style 

and i also found out that my college books are all over 100 bucks a pop 

money sucks

heck yes. cant wait to make it a blur of a creamsicle =] beefy 2110 soon to come, with a some beautiful heads and a great crank courtesy of Marty Staggs


little updates.. my cockpit =] and my mirror/visors, i used vinyl paint to paint a few plastic pieces black oh yea and my new favorite class 

yea my dad was telling me that. thanks for the info. i thought the knobs were 66 and earlier though..right? for now im going to use them until i can get my 67


just installed the rubber inside the engine compartment. whew that was tough.

thanks alot guys! things are starting to slow down a bit sadly =/ because of school and basicallly ive almost ran out of parts that i already had so i gotta break out the wallet. today im going to go to save a bug just to see what i can get.. hopefully we should be putting the top on soon



today most of the electrical was complete! headlights, turn signals, high beams, brake lights oh and we slapped the decklid on


some Dub Love, it looks haggard, but that's just cause it bled and now its healing



Rear bumper installed.. and i put the old top on for the convertible guy. the new one is going to be canvas, and charcoal grey.


its gonna be a 2110 so i want it to be kept as cool as possible. but ive got the correct deck lid with two sets of vents that fits, but hasnt been painted yet. this ones the racing one, the other one will be the show one.


thanks guys. things are slow... were just waiting for the top to come in... ive been grinding down the gas tank down to metal, just to paint in black and keep it clean. pics when i finish grinding 


so fresh and so clean.

while taking the steering column out i noticed my coupler was.. a bit old. so i bought a quick replacement. shiny =]


its in the hands of the top guy receiving its new top. the material on the left is for the top, the right for the headliner.


im saving up for this right now...


id have it too but my dash was cut. so im rollin with it. my bus was cut too! it sucks but whatever. its a custom anyways. half of it is 67 half is 68 bumpers have euro overriders. its my little abomination.


sorry wooht looks like i misread first! ill look back into it.. i thought it had an fm... if not its no big deal i only use my FM in my other cars when my ipods connected to a transmitter. mook, yea it came with my car and i do believe its stock because karman designed the cabriolet.

its so close to being done! the top should be done tomorrow or tuesday. then im wiring the car for speakers, then sending it for upholstry, and dropping the motor in. =] i predict driving around mid November. its been a long time. 

heres some teasers.


I'm picking the car up tomorrow at 10 AM with a fresh top, then im going to wire the speakers... then give it back to him to do the entire interior. and then install the motor and drive. SO CLOSE!

oh and from vinyl to canvas... i dont think i will ever own another car with any vinyl on it. holy crap.


i havent updated this in a while... mostly because ive been working on my 65 daily driver... but! my dad helped me install this fancy electric fuel pump =]


little bits at a time!

this just came in the mail today from crutchfield =]


oh man i totally forgot about this thread  i owe you guys some updates.

engine installation 


siicckk carpet 

beginning of door panel 



backseats almost done


interior is done.. i just need to pick it up






brought it home today! 


thanks guys!
i washed it and took it to a local park for a few shots.
i am going to paint under the runningboards black..









Oh man, I let this thread slip a bit...

Not alot has happened.. I've won a few shows..

i painted the supports under neath the running boards black

I recently moved to San Diego, where I brought my 87 4runner..
Every weekend I come back to Rancho to hang out with my friend, and thats when I drive the bug.  
I'm a few miles from getting my first 1,000 on the engine.  

It's still my obssession and money pit.

I want gloss black BRM's, and get the upholstery done in the bonnet.  
Engine wise, I feel like my weber 40s arent cutting it, so I want to upgrade to 44's with the magnaspark digital distributor

I think that's a pretty decent update..

and a throwback to the first month of owning it.