VW CC Coolant Tank DIY

Vehicle: VW CC
Time/Difficulty: ~1 hr
Parts Needed:
  • Coolant overflow tank
Tools Needed:
  • Pliers
  • T25 Torx bit and driver
  • Paper towels
By diyauto
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Hello, today we replace our old coolant tank! Watch the video or read the written tutorial below!

To remove the tank: detach the upper hose.

Remove coolant level sensor.

And 2 - T25 Torx bits and the hose on the bottom of the tank.

To remove sensor plug, squeeze sides together and pull.

You will have to move the wiring harness out of the way to gain access to the 2 - T25 torx in the rear.

Use a pliers to squeeze the clamp off.

Use the T-25 bit to remove the rear bolts. Then use your pliers to remove the lower coolant hose clamp.

Remove the coolant tank and use a paper towel to wipe up draining coolant.

Here is a comparison of the old vs. new.

To replace, follow steps in reverse!