VW CC hood latch repair

Vehicle: 2011 VW CC
Time/Difficulty: Easy
Tools Needed:
  • T20 bit/rachet
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
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2 minute read

The hood latch mechanism broke on the VW CC. Not good when you can’t open the hood.

First step is to pop off the latch from the mechanism with a screwdriver or one of those trim prying tools. Then pop off the trim piece that covers the latch mechanism.

You will see it’s held on by two T20 screws. Remove those 

You will need to pry the hood release line from the mechanism as it is wedged in there.

New vs broken

Thread the ball from the hood release cable into the arm, then use a pliers to press the cable cover into the mechanism.

Now reattach it to the car with the two screws.

Pop the trim back onto the car and press the handle onto the mechanism.

Now you can open your hood!


Great DIY

Posted by diyauto on 12/24/20 @ 5:14:23 PM