2 Door Fox + Plasma Torch = US Spec SAVEIRO by DasBaldGuy

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2 Door Fox + Plasma Torch = US Spec SAVEIRO

Compliments of DasBaldGuy @ vwvortex.com


This is the official Fox Wagon to Saveiro conversion Thread.  
This thread not only discusses and displays many images of the Body conversion from US Fox Wagon to mini-pickup Truck (Saveiro) it also displays much information about the 8Valve 1.8 Litre Turbo, 5speed, coil-over, and E30 Motor mount conversions.  
Special Shout Outs (Respekt):
All Engine work, Body Fabrication, suspension upgrades/modification, Brake system upgrades, custom charge tubes, fuel and air management system work was done by Longitudinal (AKA: Jonathan, Fab-Master-J) WWJD?  What Would Jonathan Do?
Also some shout-outs to a few other Fox Brethren in the Central Ohio Area (BlackZorro, iluvfastcars, and of course myself, DasBaldGuy) without whose help, parts, advice, patience and assistance this project would have never gone so smoothly. I want to also give a shout-out to "the man" for making me an IT Corporate Slave, able to afford such ridiculous projects.
Final holla goes out to the one, the only, THE Adam (VWFox) who remains the classiest cat in all of Canadia, the VW Fox Historian and keeper of the Sacred Fox Archives at lunaticfringe.com. Thanks for keepin it real...(and occasionally/sporadically updating the Fox website).
Please take a look at the photos/read the jibberish and feel free to ask any questions or post suggestions/comments/complaints/rants etc.

Ok, I have wanted to do this for a while....I have 2 scooters and I want to haul them around, but I loath the idea of buying a pick-up truck for such simple hauling.
Why can't I take a Fox Wagon (or 2 Door if I am desperate) and torch it and make a Pickup Truck Bed? Here is my Photoshoping of the Idea...(forgive me if I stole a photo of your Fox...)

Comments? has anyone done this? Success? Did they have to borrow Caddy parts or fabricate from scratch?

Sorry, for got the little [ img ] craps...


Great build!

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