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Wagon turbo project

Compliments of reddfoxx @ vwvortex.com


From the Neils Bohr wing of Quantum Mechanics:
1987 Fox wagon turbo project, crafted by "Longitudinal"
(My job description is 'unskilled labor,' through the QM sweat equity program.)
There is some "Heisenberg uncertainty" about the completion date; more info and pix to come.
-Quantum Turbo Diesel turbo, oil pan, oil filter flange, drain, supply line, exhaust manifold
-Golf oil pump (with pickup swap)
-Audi 5000T throttle body
-Audi 4000 fuel distributor
-hybrid Audi 5000/Golf intake manifold
-Shelby Daytona intercooler
-custom adapter flange for IM/throttle body
-custom charge tubes
-custom exhaust
-Dynomax muffler
other stuff:
-E30 mounts
-A/C delete  
-misc. hoses, including one "Born From Jets"
previous changes to the car:
-short shift kit
-vented rotors
coming soon (er, eventually
-head work
-A2 lowering springs

Old exhaust

stock engine bay

some items removed

checking fit- note grinding needed on exhaust man. for intake man. bolts.

needed some space here

new exhaust

intercooler location

Quantum Mechanics- no room at the inn (Audi 5000, Fox wagon, Audi Fox, Dasher wagon)

another Quantum Mechanics project: custom hangers for crummy Bosal Quantum exhaust

Thanks, all.
Only other one I have, Zach. I guess I didn't take any before it was on; I'll have more next weekend of the end result. The intake and the new exhaust are certainly the best-looking parts of the car...