Installing Höen Xenonmatch bulbs in foglights on a Golf by 71sbeetle

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Installing Höen Xenonmatch bulbs in foglights on a Golf

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The match is pretty close, but they are just a tad bit bluer than the stock HIDs, maybe a better match to 5000k HID capsules. Install was a breeze, account about 5 minutes for both sides. The only tool needed is a Torx 25 driver.

You can buy the bulbs here.

Here are the bulbs you will receive (9006 for the Golf):

To give you an idea, here are some pictures with the stock fog light bulbs, as you can tell they are yellower than the stock 4300k HID lights:

Here is the fog light assembly and the fog light grille. To remove the grille, I just pulled it from the center, the slats near the actual fog light lens. It pulled right out (I had taken them off before to put the Lamin-X on too). You can see the clips on the back side of the grille to give you an idea of how it's held in. The outer part of the grille also has a tab that fits in a hole in the bumper (re-install that part first when you put the grille back on):

Now take your Torx 25 driver and remove the single screw that holds the assembly in (the other side has 2 tabs):

Pull the light assembly out:

Remove the bulb from the fog light assembly (I left it connected to the harness to make it easier to handle):

Now disconnect it from the harness, there is a little tab locking it in, just push the tab and pull the bulb out, remember not to touch the surface of the bulb as the oil on your hands can shorten teh life of the bulb. Now install the Hoen bulb on the harness:

Put the bulb back into the fog light assembly, and put the fog light back into the bumper, re-attach the Torx 25 screw:

Put the fog light grille back on (remember to put the tab on the outer part first, the rest will just clip right in):

Repeat for the other side and you're done !

Here are some pictures with only the driver's side (left side of the car) fitted with the Höen Xenon match bulb to show the comparison with the stock bulb:

Night time pics:

Fogs only:

Fogs and headlights:

Headlights only:

More new pics:

Remember, I am not responsible for anything that happens to your car, you are responsible for your own car.


Thanks for showing different lighting. Nice job!

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