1976 Swallowtail: Cinnabon by Nashty Rabbit

By diyauto
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1976 Swallowtail: Cinnabon

Compliments of Nashty Rabbit @ vwvortex.com


Plans are simple.  

Want to thank BFI for the coilover, mounts, and rear bushings... you guys are swell
Thanks to Ben for the front window seal, mk1 autohaus is the biz...
DAS (dependable auto shippers) for getting the car her cross country QUICK and SAFELY..
Onlinetires for the federal 165/50/15's....
Jason at Image wheels for the help...
And Adam for selling me the car...

So what you guys care about... and don't worry, this one isn't getting the floor cut out....

pics don't really show off the color of the interior, but this thing really makes me hungry for a cinnabon....

take care,


Nice! Thanks for all the details!

Posted by Diggymart on 6/25/19 @ 7:24:00 PM