My 16VT Einser... by VAG_Lowrider

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My 16VT Einser...

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Hello folks..

I`m a new to this forum,but thought that I could share my mk1 project with you other "einser" freaks...  OK,my english sucks...  

I bought this car April 05, it has been through some small modifications since then...

This is from last summer....With FK coilovers and 195/45 on RH Cup 7x15 rims.. 

Nowadays my car is in the garage for a complete build up...

My following plans are:


- Removing all of the rust.

- Inner- and outer channels(?) and the floor plates on the front is being replaced with new ones..

- FK Highsport coilovers

- Polyurethane bushings all over

- Roll cage


- PG engine w/83 mm bore

- Ross Racing forged pistons

- 8v GTI cylinder head w/ mechanical lifters and custom cam

- Digifant 1 w/ SNS chip

- Garret T3 Super60


- 02A Gear box from Corrado

- drive axles from Golf Cab w/ 100 mm flanges

Here is some pictures of how it's standing right now:


Here`s some more pics....

Does this look good?   


Here`s some more...

Some of the parts glass-blasted...

I`m not going to use this flywheel since it`s from a 16v

Did some mods to my G60 speedo....

The result:

The next mod to this one is the lightning with blue LEDS

I want to use a x-flow head,but its not very easy gettin those heads here in norway...But right now i`m without a cyl.head to fit the engine,so maybe i should go x-flow??

Is it just to put it right on the PG block or do i need other parts for the change? 


Okey...time for a little update now

Now my 02A mounts have arrived,also got my mechanical clutch conversion kit....

Got me an original GTI grille and some cables for the g60 speedo


Not much updates lately,but now i`ve sold my Fk highsport gewinde...

A complete poly kit and H&R coilovers will be ordered as soon as i have got the money...

I am going to rip off the original door panels and the ones in the back,and replace them with custom made carbon fibre plates...

Where can I get a carbon fibre hood? 

The clucth cable is from an early Passat with 02A tranny...


Wow great build! ????

Posted by Diggymart on 7/5/19 @ 4:54:46 PM