Martina - Jetta Wagon

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I've owned this car for nine years, and though I've never considered it a build since it's always been a daily, I've always tried to do maintenance upgrades to have fun with the car. Being a 5spd 1.8t, there is a huge aftermarket for this car, and while it's not the fastest thing out there, it's quick and fun for a wagon! I figured I'd make a thread to keep track of what I'm doing with it since it's no longer a daily. I bought a Volvo in October of 2019 with the plan to daily that and have some fun with the Jetta as a summer car, but then the pandemic happened and I didn't drive either cars. The current goal is to fix all the stuff I never had time to do while it was a daily, and see what I can upgrade along the way. Heres how the car looked as of September 2020:

List of mods at this time is as follows:

GIAC X+ tune

034Motorspot Track Density engine mounts 

Techtonics Tuning 2.5in turbo back exhaust

14lb single mass flywheel and sport clutch

DieselGeek Short Shifter

Koni Yellow struts with Eibach Sport lowering springs

Raxle CV Axles

StopTech pads and rotors (slotted fronts)

BBS RXII wheels with Hankook Ventus V12 tires


Been following your posts, can't believe that pan was off so much, same with the inlet pipe!

Posted by diyauto on 3/11/21 @ 2:42:06 PM

It's crazy! Forge even responded and said they've sold the pan for years without issue and that they were 'looking into it'. I can't find anyone on the internet that says they've installed it, or had a problem with it, so I'm wondering if something is off with a batch of them or something? Hoping the inlet pipe is as good as people say it is, otherwise it wasn't worth the trouble.

Posted by svalente315 on 3/11/21 @ 4:07:27 PM

Great it will be fun to see updates!

Posted by Diggymart on 1/6/21 @ 12:54:27 PM

Thank you! It's apart in the garage now, so there will be updates soon.

Posted by svalente315 on 1/6/21 @ 1:17:20 PM

Take a “before” picture so the “after” will be wow look at that! Here’s a bunch of parts. Here’s a car! ?

Posted by Diggymart on 1/6/21 @ 9:15:32 PM

Tons of pics and videos being taken!

Posted by svalente315 on 1/7/21 @ 2:27:29 PM

Love a fast wagon. I’ve driven a modded 1.8t so I’m sure that thing scoots! Sounds like a great daily.

Posted by stevegolf on 1/6/21 @ 1:39:29 AM

Thank you! It has been a great daily. Really fun to drive, and extremely reliable despite the reputation of mk4s. I'm not really sure what my plan is for it going forward now that it's not a daily, but it'll be fun either way!

Posted by svalente315 on 1/6/21 @ 1:18:33 PM