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Bagging a B6

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Just posting this up, which I typically never do on Vortex. Anyway, my name is Mark and I Just sold my MKV for a B6

The old car

Picked this 06 3.6 4motion last Friday.

4 hours after signing papers on it, the parts from ECS came. Boy did I ever take advantage of that sale.

Took a couple days and designed out my trunk setup.

Skinny 5 gal 4 side port aluminum tank was just too akward and wouldn't fit completly under the floor. So I started designing around the tank that was in my GTI.

Just pretty basic for the time being.

Put together, but not cleaned up

Heres my floor comming together

Simple yet effective for the time being. I'm on a deadline.

Little test fit picture.

So, yeah thats where I'm at. I should be wrapping up the install this weekend.

Nice to meet all you folks and look forward to seeing what you guys are working on.

I only test fitted my old wheels as a reference point for later use for me or other B6 owners. The specs are 17x9.5 Et 28 with a Falken 912 21/40/17. Also they are old school O.Z Mitos.

Distant shot.

The wheel specs I'm looking for would be 10mm closer to the fender. Also this is with factory camber adjustment of what I suspect to be around -1.8-2* as it was on my GTI. These cars are way too similar suspension wise. Anyway, I achieved -4.5* in the MKV. If I can achieve only around -3.5* it would put my prospective new exactly where I want to go.

Also, its cool. I know bagged cars aren't for everyone. I just love the low lifestyle.