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Megasquirt in my 16v

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I recently finished reading through all 16 pages of horror of My Old Rocs megasquirt install thread and I AINT SCARED!

just as the title says, I want to install megasquirt in my 16 valve. I want to get rid of the hideous airbox above all. clean up my engine bay, strip out ten pounds of wires and so on.

VW Scirocco airbox

(I stole this pic)

edit: before anyone says it, I am still reading the official megasquirt in a 16v faq thread right now.

so lets begin:

I wanted to build a kit. (I like soldering) so I went with the DIYAutotune kit and it was awesome. highly recomended.

I would like to get rid of my distributor eventually,(see stage 2) so I will need a special crank trigger wheel and crank position sensor to do that. thankfully a kit for this is available from 034motorsport for about 225, and theres a lesser known setup from a lupo or polo that some people are reporting success with. see that one here:

has anyone else on here done this to a 16v yet that might have compiled a complete parts list for the project?

the end result will be cleaning up this:

VW Scirocco 16v engine

so that the whole car will look like this:

VW Scirocco

and I wont be ashamed to open my hood at the next car show. 


EDIT: I am moving my parts list to the original post and I will edit it as things change. 

PARTS LIST: (* means I have it)


1 x Jimstim 65$ (diyautotune) *

1x Koul tools hose fitting installer tool *

Stage 1

1 x 2.0L 9a block *

1 x Euro Intake cam *

1x 16v Throttle Body with TPS *

1 x 16v fuel rail 139$ * - Bahn Brenner

4 x Digifant "Fuel injector holder" (4.80 ea from GAP) *

4 x 1.8t injectors. (High impedance, 30.15lb/hr ~320cc/min.) (used, free)* 

EDIT: those injectors suck. they are too short for that rail. I had the tubes pop off the rail and spray fuel everywhere. NOT FUN. now I am using G60 injectors. also high impedance, at 26lb/hr

4 x bosch injector pigtail plugs (diyauto 26$ total) * -(also see for these plugs for 1.09$, and pins for .22 each)

1 x 2,7/8" intake air tube $5 napa*

1 x 3" cone type air filter (free, found on side of road)*

1 x Intake Air Temp sensor (open element with plug) (diyautotune) 20$ *

1 x megasquirt kit. 250$ (diyautotune) *

1 x 12 feet of cable, 40$ (diyautotune) *

1 x Aeromotive 1000 -6 Fuel Pressure Regulator 140$ *

1 x wideband 02 sensor 300$ (Innovate LC-1) *

1 x relay board kit 65$ (diyautotune) *

1x Coolant temp sensor (not needed - using stock sensor)

Assorted fuel hoses and fittings from Jegs, summit, and 034 ~180$

- Jegs Elite Series hose fittings -

1x 90* -6AN hose fitting 15.99$*

5x straight -6AN hose fittings 8.99 each*

2x -6AN to ORB fpr fittings 6.99 each*

1x -6 AN ORB plug. 5.99$

6ft Jegs Pro-Flo stainless braided hose 26.99$ 

2x vw hard line(14mm x1.50 inverted flare) to -6AN adapters - 11.99 eachsummit034Jegs

more assorted AMP style plugs and pins and stuff from 

1x dual input knock sensor kit. "KnockSense" 73$

Stage 2: dizzy replacement

1 x 16v Crank Trigger Kit 225$ (034motorsports or the Polo/Lupo setup)

1 x High Output 4-Cyl Waste Spark Coil 75$ (034motorsports)

stage 3: turbo (could happen some day)

1x turbo manifold ~400-700$

1x turbo 1billion$

1x waste gate

1x compression lowering head gasket or turbo pistons

Dont need:

MAP sensor - the megasquirt ECU has one built in, just need to run a hose to it. 

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I should mention that I have a carputer built into my center console already, so the megasquirt ecu will be permanently connected to that.

EDIT: actually no. I have since removed my carputer. 

VW Scirocco interior

some questions:

If I remember right, the old megasquirt required a different board if you wanted to drive the spark too instead of using a dizzy. is that still true? or will the MSII handle that now?

can a MAP sensor work as a replacement for a throttle body with TPS?

do I need an additional coolant temp sensor or will the stock one suffice?

what kind of injectors do I need to fit into the 16v head? the stock injectors are long and narrow, not like any other injectors I have seen.

thanks for the help 

so, a trigger wheel on the crank pull then. too bad something couldnt be fabbed up under the valve cover.  

this 034 motorsport has a few thigns I was looking for. nice link.

does anyone know the difference between the megastim 2.2 and jimstim 1.3?


one reason I am building this megasquirt system, is so I can eventually track down a 1.8t and do a motor swap without worrying about needing the entire ECU and wiring harness out of the donor car. this makes it a LOT easier to order one though a junk yard.


Wow looks good!

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