deAutoKey LED kit Install DIY by DT EXP

By diyauto
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deAutoKey LED kit Install 

Compliments of DT EXP @


Got around to do my LED kit install from

Kit Includes:

(4) Dome LEDs 

(2) Sun Visor LEDs 

(1) Trunk LED 

(1) Glove Box LED 

Cost $55

and I bought the LED License Plate lights

Cost $40

Car: 2009 VW Tiguan S, Non-Sunroof model

Tools Used/Needed

Dash Trim Removal Tool

One T15 triple Square

needle nose pliers

Canon Rebel 50mm and my Cell phone for pictures

Total time 30 minutes

the kit itself is well put together

I also got a baggy of "extras" which is a super nice touch.

Lets get started!

LED License Plate light


Lights from deAutoKey

Two issues I ran across: One Minor and One Major

The Minor:

One unit is came to me used, or at least has been installed at least one time before

(you can see the damage to the screw holes, nothing earth breaking)

The Major:

The other Unit was DOA so I will be testing out there life time warranty sooner then I had thought :-P 

OEM unit removed

New unit installed:

Note: the either units female connectors gave me a strong "click" from the OEM harness. But seems in there well enough.

Truck Light:

Old Bulb

New Bulb

Rear Dome Light

Use your Trim tool to work around the Unit.. Easier to work both sides out at the same time

Picture of the Clip point on the Head Liner

Dome Unit

User your Pliers to bend the metal cover out of the way.

Reinstall is easy!

front Dome Light

Once that cover is popped out, you will need your T15

Clip points:

Drop the Unit:

Removing the OEM bulbs

Make sure you testing the Bulbs before you reinstall the Dome Unit. Its 50/50 that your +/- are right on your new bulbs

Glove box light

Please note: Do not side the LED unit ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTLE of the Housing. It will not a have solid connect to the power point ( was the same way on my Treg)

Sun Visor lights.

Clip point is the Side closest to the door

and we are done! 

I have two leftover LED from dome light kit.. not sure what they were meant for. I will get some pictures of in the dark tonight.



from my cell phone, I will try to get better shots tomorrow night.

Replaced the Ziza city lights with to my two extras.. Just for kicks... they look better...


Fun fact I learned tonight.. I can't turn off my gauge door opener light for more than 10 second.. I tried for like 12 mins.. /sigh

here are some rushed shots.. Racing the light and its like 29 outside...

Same light set on the touareg.