Glocksrox18's '83 242 GLT Turbo by glocksrox18

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Glocksrox18's '83 242 GLT Turbo

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Been wanting one for a while but couldn't find the right one at the right time. Found this one on TB and jumped on it. Drove out 2 and a half hours to get it and I couldn't be happier!

Here are a few pictures

Couple of things I've done so far:

Fuel filter


Replaced a few vacuum lines

Things on their way to my door:

-IPD adjustable panhard bar

-IPD adjustable torque rods 

-HD 240 diesel motor and trans mounts

-Spec stage 1 240 turbo clutch kit

-Window scrapers

-B23 intake manifold and TB

-All parts for LH 2.4 swap

-90+ turbo exhaust manifold and 940 oil feed/return lines

-(Hopefully) 18t turbo

Future plans:


-getrag trans

-LSD rear

-full 3" exhaust



Looks sharp!

Posted by stevegolf on 3/30/21 @ 5:25:58 PM

Beautiful ride! Love the color scheme!

Posted by MPower on 11/25/20 @ 10:56:12 PM

I’ll bring back a dead thread! Nice car, I’ve always wanted a 240!

Posted by Lootenny on 5/28/20 @ 2:58:12 PM