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Brand New 47 Year Old 122!

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Wow. I really did it this time. I've always wanted a classic car, and the stars aligned a few weeks ago and I ended up the proud new owner of a '66 122s. I am also the proud new owner of a 2 month old daughter, so I'll be a busy man for the next few months (years?!?) 

The car came from CA, so is very rust free and straight - which is a rarity in MN. It was the right price, but needs a little TLC this winter. I've never wrenched on cars, but I'm mechanically inclined and am lucky enough to have a great friend with garage space and tools willing to help me learn (as long as I keep his fridge well stocked with beers).

The interior is passable for now other than the dash pad (anybody got a line on a reasonably priced one?), but I want to make sure the car is uber reliable and safe for driving the wife and kiddo around next spring and summer! Here's what's on the docket for this winter:

- Carb rebuild (in the shop right now)

- Pull the motor and tranny and clean and repaint engine. Replace all gaskets and seals

- Inspect clutch and tranny bits. Shifter gates need to be re-worked, but otherwise the M40 feels bulletproof! Clutch is fairly new, should be OK for now.

- New battery cables, plug wires, replace generator w/ alternator, and possibly replace points with electronic ignition if budget allows.

- Inspect front end and replace all bushings and worn bits

- Same with the driveshaft and rear end. Currently a bit of clunking that I'm guessing is a U-joint. New fluid and crap.

- Check out the brakes and fix any sketchyness.

- Pull gas tank and seal to get rid of that awful gasoline smell.

- Install seat belts in the back seat!

Am I biting off too much? I am absolutely in love with this car and can't wait to drive it again next spring.


Here she is (sans SUs):

Oooooooooooo baby.