Nkreig's K16 Geartronic Build by nkreig

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Nkreig's K16 Geartronic Build

Compliments of nkreig @ forums.swedespeed.com


With the K16 on its way I felt it's only proper to start a build thread. I'll start from what the car looked like when I bought it 3 years ago with a little over 6,000 miles on the clock. On our family trip to my folks place for Christmas we turned over the 40,000 mile mark. The car: A 2007 S40 T5 AWD GT...

In stock form!! Oh the memories!

Here are the mods as of 1/10/2014

Engine: 2009 B5254T7 swap.

Elevate K16 turbo kit with AutoTech K16 file

Elevate TCV

Elevate CBV

Elevate Wastegate actuator

Elevate Performance intake manifold

Elevate air intake

Elevate turbo intake pipe

Elevate IC

Elevate IC silicon hose kit (Blue)

Elevate Setrab external oil cooler

Elevate AWD 3" DP

Elevate AWD 3" sport catback exhaust

Elevate Wilwood Big brake kit

Elevate SS brake lines

Elevate rear engine torque mount (with revised bushing)

Elevate rear anti sway bar

Elevate AWD lowering springs

EuroSport front strut bar

IPD HD coilpacks

NGK iridium IX plugs (1 step colder)

Heico Bilstein strut kit

Heico GT shifter

IPD replica 18" Pegs (summer)

Nexen N5000 235/40R 18 

Sport Edition 17" silver (winter)

General Tire Altimax Arctic 235/45R 17

SPC rear camber kit

EBC ultimax 320mm rotors front

ATE premium one rear rotors

Akebono Euro ceramic rear pads

Volvo R-design steering wheel

Aluminum gas, brake and dead pedals 

Miller Motoring HID kit

Led DRL's and license plate lighting

rear lip spoiler

Volvo front lip spoiler

custom gauge pilar

PLX wideband A/F touchscreen kit

ProSport premium electronic boost gauge

Tule roof rack

Tule bike trays

Tule wind deflector

Bluetooth adaptor for stock stereo

Di-Noc front grill surround

Plasticoat black rear emblems

Next up was getting rid of the wheel gap and addressing the handling issues. So, on went IPD replica Pegs with Nexen 5000 235/45/18's a Elevate RSB and Eibach springs...and a much needed Thule roof rack to hall the bikes.

After getting the handling under control I installed a boost gauge in prep for a stage 1 AutoTech/Elevate tune.

With the tune installed and the suspension feeling a bit more prepared it was time to turn my attention to the Braking. On goes the Wilwood kit (6 piston calipers in the front with ATE PremiumOne rotors on all four corners and Akebono ceramic pads in the rear)

How about that sound from the 5 pot!? Elevate cat back does it justice...

More updates to the build to come later today, I got snow to shovel!! 

Thanks guys, here are a few aesthetic changes I have done already...

Front lip with duplicolor truck bed liner coating to match the factory trim.

R-Design wheel.

Blue LED DRL's

More suspension improvements were needed if I wanted to get the handling dialed in right. The stock struts just didn't cut it for performance and comfort and I wasn't keen on the idea of coilovers on a daily driver with the crap roads here and winter trips snowboarding. So Heico kit it was! It was the only kit I could find for an AWD that fit my needs.

Somewhere in the mix of things mentioned a rear lip and new bike trays got added...

Most recent mods have been EuroSport tuning front strut bar, Miller motoring 6000k Xenon kit, and some new winter shoes with General Tire Arctic Altimax 235/45/17's.

Order was placed today for DP, full Elevate intake (filter to turbo inlet), Full 2.5" hard pipe kit from turbo to throttle body....More to come!!!


Awesome build man, shame it had to go really. Have done a similar route and used your thread for info to help with mine.

Posted by MoonpieMagic on 11/6/19 @ 11:57:27 AM