Steve's RS T5 AWD M66 Build by BlackS402.5Turbo

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Steve's RS T5 AWD M66 Build

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Current MODS


Elevate Downpipe

Elevate Catback

Elevate TCV

Elevate Tune

Injen Intake

Samco Pipe

Forge cbv

Elevate ported upper manifold

Elevate intercooler hoses

Elevate fmic

Elevate air intake


Elevate springs

Focus e mount

When I first got the car

Then had custom eyelids made and installed

Sanded and painted the stock grille gloss black

First performance mod was the samco inlet, not a huge difference in any performance but a nice turbo sound on the stock intake. then I got the injen pipe and throttle response was increased.

I was running the stock cbv on a elevate tuned with turbo back exhaust.. after the install boost was much steadier especially at high rpm. very good affordable mod. 

Black wax really works well!! I first started with the injen intake, samco pipe and the elevate stage 2 tune. I flashed it one morning before work and made a huge difference from before, I was really surprised but didnt want to run it too long on the stock exhaust. 

I ordered the turbo back exhaust and tune all at once, and once I got the stock catback cut off I installed the elevate catback. I reloaded the tune back on and it felt really nice. 

about a week later I finally got the time to get the downpipe on and this really opened up the tune. 

This car reminded me of the fun my Vw use to have, and it changed the car completely for the better.

My most recent mod was the intercooler, I was getting heat soak and bad performance when it was 75 degrees and above. after the intercooler install the power delivery is much smoother.