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Dougy's S60R

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Hi all, I am a new member to this forum and wanted to introduce my self since i never really do that I thought I give it a try...My name is Doug I am from Florida /Sarasota and I do like Volvo's...I have s60r ,850 T-5 and she drives xc90... 

links below

20G Upgrade - HILTON stage III tune

ARD - clone ECU

CAI - home made

Ipd - R boost gauge - sways - lower mount - strut brace conversion - tune

Ipd - OTE pipe

Ipd - Spring adjusters

Custom intake-manifold install on S60R

Rear Toe Bars custom 

Older Thermostat housing swap = replaceable thermostat and accessible intake manifold bolt 

HD sway end links install "Provenwicked for Camaro" 

Boost Gauge Illumination 

Intercooler and Fog grill custom

Quarter-and-Fender-panels rolled 

Starter Solenoid upgrade 

06-07 hood shock uprgade

Upper poly mount vibration Upgrade 

Engine cover upgrade = Upper engine mount removal without removing engine cover 

Custom S60R Hood Scoop to cool turbochager = under construction  

RaceS60R - Down-pipe and FMIC with a modified throttle to inter-cooler pipe

Elevatecars - 3" exhaust. 

Vivaperformance - LCA poly bushings - superflex rears - polwerflex 

Vivaperformance Aluminium-radiator-install 

04 OTE pipe mod to fit 06 and 07

alum. Crank pulley 

Coolingmist running 100% Distilled water

Custom Spoiler fit from (96 Prelude) 

Front mount Eng./Trans Setrab oil coolers 

Trans oil filter

Ipd - HD-TCV 

Billet Oil-catch-can 

Prosport ATF,Oil temp gauges 

Wheel spacers and Lugnutz- 10mm front - 15mm rear

Anglegear drain plug 

Front bumper mesh for Intercooler and Fog grills

Rear bumper vent mesh for 06 and 07

Powersteering rack heat-shield


Firewall Turbo heat shield replacment / Mod

Wiper delete - bumper holes

now 5/12/2015

here is my s60r back in 2011


then you came to the right place skot53...and i will give you a whopping 10%

1. cut on the black like.

2. use 3M tape only...unless you like to redo things use a different tape...I dont , so i use 3M ONLY.

3. tape to the boost bracket on the inside...but make sure it is flat with the boost gauge. 

4. test it in place and see if it is flat enough and as you have it pressed against the windshield you will mark the top of your boost gauge and that is where you will place one black rubber dot...(nope it is not is rubber dot).

5. tape the 3M tape to the bottom and press it in to it's new place.

6. if you ever want to remove it...use thin long knife...and re-tape and put back.

for the IC to throttle body pipe can make your own...if not IPD will be coming out with one just hold tight...

CAI box

* Jaguar XJ6 canister- gutted, and make 86mm hole on lid of the canister.

* Apexi Power Air Intake Replacement Filter 85mm 160mm ID 500-A021 (eBay) – shave the plastic lip of160mm outer diameter to 157mm which is the dimension of the box on the inside and inner diameter of the filter to 86mm which is the outer dimension of Air mass housing.


couple more things that I have done since I joined this great forum.


well another mod since I landed to SS ...engine and trans oil coolers...anyone want to buy it for 5 grand in 10 years? 


newest addition to my R/ thread.I lost the recipient from JY so I can't loose 30$... it's from 96 Honda prelude...had to built up the base of the spoiler 5/8 in front and 1/4 inch in back...i used 3/4 graphite plate (25$ eghay) and marine glue (1$ on sale DG hardware) to stick it and belt sander to get the angles that I needed...paint job is thanks to Volky club friend 75$...grand total 131$...and I love it.


wash the R for the first time and put on new 18" pegs. they filled the wheel gap nicely.


my next 50$ project OIL CATCH CAN.


oil catch can addition 


Added AFR and Oil temp gauges and a new radio. 








newest addition to R VIVA Performance all aluminum it.

and here is transmission oil filter thread.


1/14/12 new mod


yes, they are magnets from old PC hard drives. 

I love your forum name NorCaliKilla  and when I saw your name , this song popped right into my head...


thanks Odin, you will not be making any extra horsepower from water/meth unless you have ECU tuned for it, but to me it is beneficial even without having ECU tuned for it ,cause when it is hot just like it is in FL. your R will run like it is cool. My install is nothing special here are some pics.


nothing new just debadged 

well one thing is new


rerouted my CAI. 



NEW WAY...using hollow part of the chassis which is completely sealed on the inside to suck the air in.


dropped the rear with Eibach 8434.140 Pro-Kit Lowering Springs and I love it. 

here are some more pics...i really love the fact I can take cover (spark plug and coil) off without loosening upper charge pipe. 


installed greddy relief valve... 50$ ebay....set it at 23psi

aaaand set up for a Turbo Bypass Diverter Valve.


20G Upgrade

the best this to do to the incoming oil line...sooo easy to take out or put in...dougy style


Sorry theblackbox , no i did not take any pics of FMIC install but it does come with everything you need and your stock OTE just plugs right into it...see the link on how too from tomedkaz ...I used the kit just the way it came with exception of inter-cooler to throttle body pipe which I modified...see pic below...I made it into one piece instead of two.


cruising on highway for about 2hrs...oil temp was 200F and the rest


current status under hood


got four 245/40/18 Pirelli Tires P6 all season for 180$ mounted and balanced. 


did a walk around.


no-one...just being my friendly self at my local Latino new and used tire place... they started at 300$ and we ended at 180$ out the door, they did have about 5000 miles on them...they run 740$ new...practically they are like new but technically they are used.

just got these 4 Brand New tires for my 850...really happy about this deal...500$ mounted and balanced...they run 240$ each just for one tire.


0 -115


got a chance to put my R on a lift and check all the work that i have done for past 2 1/2 years and see how it is holding up...I must say I am are some pics. 


here are some pics of bypassing/block off the main coolant piping that went to heat exchange oil cooler and angling the block drain plug downward so it does not pour allover PS rack when draining coolant out...really happy about that crap piping/hoses not hanging down and now gone all together ...and put in a bung for oil temp sensor as well. 




yes and to PCV breather valve...and 9.5mm is the coolant one...the small 3mm is the vacuum one.



shimmies, it's on my 850...coolant still passes through under 


moved PS coolant line so you can barley see it through the new mesh grill. 

trans and engine oil cooler still perfect ...

mercedes it. 

new grill ...perfection. 

changed the color to match my wheels

it take about 5 minutes to pop the glass lens off...go around till hot about 3 minutes with a heat-gun , same medium pace touching the glass lens close to the sealant and then at one side of the glass lens pry it with a flat and once you have about 1/2 inch pull it off with your hand.

kinda cool, nice and clear...


ok here you go DrBrutal..your R, less 24psi, he's at 20psi.


with bumper wiper holes above /\ and without holes below \/ ...I must say it's mucho mejor amigos.


oh no doubt ...but just to see everything else fall apart...nahhh.

nice run in vid above ....50- 316km in 1km at 4:10


same R's but 20G has ARD Re-tuned to 11 blade in this vid. 

with 11 blade ...20G on right

before without 20G on left.


and what does Connor knows? plow snow with that lip in the winter time? He does not need Nordic


" Yeaaas I did it "  washed and vacuumed it for the 3rd time since my ownership from end of 2010...what a waste of my time... I'd rather mod something than to do my late teens and early 20s i was washing my cars that had no paint left and you could not tell a difference from before and least now it looks better than just feels 

nice average lookin


here is a thing that I built from scratch without any prior knowledge about 20 years ago back when then I was your age...



current status...



other than a boost leak on my R and stripping my 850r to get it ready to paint the exterior sonic blue 470...just enjoying my R. 

boost leak culprit inside my Ipd boost gauge pod. 

850R stripped/prepared to paint sonic blue 


here are the pics from earlier pages. 




got some feeler gauges and H-beam rods.



i guess while im at it i'll swap out the short block to 2001 T-5 2.3l...first thing is to make 2006 tensioner work on this older style setup. 

still have to weld it . 


2.3l with R head all cleaned up. 


absolutely, i paid top dollar for this block, 150$ to be exact ...and these bearings are like new...they look better than my 2.3 cylinder walls see me it is a neanderthal combustion engine...people that spent 10,000 of dollars on their builds is just ...well just not for me...and know they blow those engines same way...seen it soooo many times... that's just the way i think. 

modified .

ok, i lied...i move lill faster.

no hoist... but i did use this to lift it out...


did not do much....dont have pistons in my possession...popped and cleaned the oil-pan off...measured 1mm of beef on a 2.3l sleeves...and a comparison my 20g set up vs k24. 




thanks Stealthy , I like that mod  ...did not even have to think , aaand it made more sense than 40$ cover...sorry to hear bout your engine and post some process pics please. 

bottom done. 

learn a take Dougy style...

the cuts between sleeves are oval ....coolant still passes under... learn baby learn. 


not a problem and thanks strong man! ... just know that it is not that hard what I'm doing and also know that i do have help  ....lets hope it runs

in bay present time.


3-25-2015 i just need to find a low mileage good luck to

pretty much done

forgot to add these 3 pics as well

this genuine Tial WG cost me more that this engine .... have to wait for my machinist to drill a hole on top of the housing and mounting pipe and then fab piping from WG to DP . i'll try to run coolant lines through it as well .  

8.5:1 should be good...i like to clean...


Anyone who's ever sat a thermodynamics class will be familar with a PV diagram for an otto cycle. If not, some links here and here Here's one comparing two engines with B18C geometry, both 11:1 compression, 45° MBT ignition timing, but one force fed 0.5bar to 150% VE. All plots taken at 7200rpm and 13.5AFR. Here is the torque output comparison for one cylinder over one engine cycle. Clearly the boosted engine is producing a huge amount more cylinder pressure at peak (over 1300psi), which while it makes a huge amount of torque, 234lbft vs 156lbft, it would most likely destroy the engine pretty quckly. The NA engine peaks at just under 900psi, so we'll take this as the safe limit for cylinder pressure. Below, I've reduced the ignition timing back to 28.5°, the peak cylinder pressure is back at 900psi, but importantly the average pressure has risen from 210psi to 266psi, resulting in 213lbft. This would probably run pretty well. Next, we'll up the boost to 1bar, for 200% VE. This requires the ignition to be dropped back to 16° to keep the peak cylinder pressure under 900psi. I'd imagine this would not run all that well, but I could be wrong. The hugely retarded timing is obvious just past peak as the pressure drops before the fuel burn really gets going. It makes 244lbft. Now, lets leave that engine as it is, and take the other one up to 200% VE, but with a 9:1 compression: Ignition set to 25.4°, torque now at 264lbft. Lots more area visible, and the torque trace shows a gain pretty much everywhere unlike the previous ones which were a drain on torque on the compression stroke. This to me seems a better design for this level of boost.


Matt , it came out of 2001 V70 t5...only thing i had to upgrade is the TB tenssioner mounting (see pics)...I had to do burr around the mounting screw and file it down perfectly and make a stopper for it and weld it in place"the stopper that is", because I wanted to use original one. 

and here it is all done


done ... not tuned yet but it runs perfect no went flawless.


Thanks man!


thanks man, rods were from someone local that decided not to do a 850 engine built and most likely they are Chinese rods...they were all withing .001 to .004 of a gram in weight difference between them and I just put them in.

changed angle gear fluid , trans fluid and a lill filter. 


it just might be what Stealthy says plus some 850 alternator spacers a long bolt x2...i dont have anything specific for was not tight at all either.






relocated my water/meth delivery nozzle to after Throttle body / directly into intake manifold instead of before...reasoning for that, a couple of days ago TB has failed and i decided to take it apart and found moisture in there. I am not sure how well they are sealed at the shaft nor do I care since I have about 4 TB's ready to replace at anytime, but I am not going to chance TB failure do to internal moisture/short again...also I have rotated the TB so shaft /plate is parallel to the ground as well and no moisture can sit there to seep down the shaft again as well. 

on a brighter note I started tuning with Hilton tuning and it is going really well. 


Hi Jeff, 

Yep that's correct Jeff it is in the trunk ...I do have a check valve...and I only run straight water.

and the proof...20psi of vaccum.

hi Rudy, hood vents should help...I have air blowing onto my filter through my ram air setup and I was going to make a shroud for my filter setup but i gave up on that since i saw no noticeable difference with my CAI.

my ram air filter setup through frame chassis. 


almost 2000 miles of pounding since my 2.3l swap. lookin good ... no leaks ... nothing unusual. 



drove over 200 miles and averaged 24 mpg going 80 mph with outside temp at 93f and my oil temps at 190f.

since this pic I have a bung welded directly welded onto the oil pan and not through the oil drain plug anymore.


more than 200 WOT pulls and 3000 miles oil change on my current 2.3l JY block with 0 40 Castrol...all old oil filtered thorough kidney stone funnel.



new boooost gauge.


401 AWHP
410 AW Torque

Engine HP

461 hp
471 torque


got some tires, "Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season 245/40-18" for 340$ shipped... i know nothing special but not a bad deal since a new set is about 850-900$ for 4 tires ...and the best part is they listed them 90% thread left aaaaand they are all brand new...


i am thinking of putting on ARP head stud/bolts and i will not be using MLS head gasket if i do decide to do it...2001 T5 head gasket with a rings around is what I like...dont know why , i just do...




i was going to go with old style 2001 T-5 HG but changed my mind at the last moment and went with Volvo oem MLS ...this way I will find out if the torque to yield head bolts were the weakest link under high boost stretching and allowing to lift/warp the head...also I'll be the first one to say i dont like the design of the MLS gasket for out t5 blocks ...they are made for 83mm bore and they have no closed rings, the compression channels pretty much align with aluminium to sleeve outline which leads to the shim area...also I really don't care for Reinz HG it has 4 layers and it is NO different than a cheap Elwis ones vs. OEM Volvo 3 layer and I think it is hyped...more in ss layers is not better in my opinion...but I think for high boost ARP head studs are a I will find out if I was right or not.

test fitting ARP studs and volvo mls gasket...that is not how it was think i would hang my self if i followed arp stud install directions.

head resurfaced

redesigned shims for high boost/hp...reason why I saw movement on two shims.... they are basically locked/cut into the width of the they don't drop even a mm down and stay flush at the top with the deck.

and back and running

a big thanks to my good friend Justin - 666lm for hooking me up with these HD IPd old style coils and coming soon from him 2.5L R piston,rods and crank that I will use in my wifes XC90 or in this 94 t5 block...they do give out 1/3 more than stock so lets see if i can notice any deference.

a big thanks to my good friend Justin - 666lm for hooking me up with these HD IPd old style coils and coming soon from him 2.5L R piston,rods and crank that I will use in my wifes XC90 or in this 94 t5 block...they do give out 1/3 more than stock so lets see if i can notice any deference.


i got tired of my diverter valve will be setup same as my 850.  


finally i relocated DV...i love the freedom of designing things the way it make sense to me.

my friend alex , the best welder ever.

daddy's girl


oh guys I just feel so very blessed to add another 10 awhp with this mesh mod but yet still keeping all things stock .


i love it all stock.


last pics of the year... the best year ever... good bye 2015.

happy new year to everyone of you and my favorite forum.



had to cut it in the middle , used rivets ,aluminium plates, bonding adhesive ...blah blah it is ...


yeah, no that sounds expensive ... lolol


drove it today , but i was bored . 


it sure is ...but on my 850

no need to be sorry...i can careless what anyone post up in here...people get all ghhay about posting in auto forums..."oh dont you post in my thread" just dont give a f.... but yeah i had round 50k on my one owner R 4c shocks and then the crashing came...sadly there are/were no HD rear shocks made for R or awd s60 or v70 so that why i did what i did.

i would have love to done this...


made from scratch by an architect on my route. 


you one of the best days ever within last week...lmao...ordered aeromotive 11142 e85 hi flow fuel pump...they run like 140$ a great deal ..80$ shipped had a broken feed nipple when i got all my money back....aaaand i fixed it you know i will shove it on my R not i can tune to E85 with Mr. Hilton AKA Rob the Man...


Pics of your pump setup Doooogy? Sneaky sneaky

did not get to it yet ... still tuning 850 with Aaron... once done, then i'll pull in my s60 ... right now just chillin and trying to stay lean......but i did my 850 pump what a breeze those were in-comparison to newer models.  


here you go Ben , with some info that could have been posted by you ... start to finish 1:15 hr... how to remove it without the tool and how to make sure that both of your gas lever sending units will work for another 10 years


2000$ between the 3 cars in engines and 1000 hp at the crank inem.


 embarrassing even for free job =


base tune... hopefully we can tweak tune it prior to dyno tuned.

driving from gas station right after pumping E85

just got home, about 10 miles from gas station. 


I lied

i went to a track today weighing 4300 pounds total where outside temps ranged from 92-100 F and Max EGT's were 1350 - 1400F at WOT , 20G was boosting 31 psi on Racetrac e85 which contains 51% ethanol and Hilton tuned.

Thank man...not bad for old azz 20g journal bearing 500$ turbo.

20G 31PSI AWD R 2 3L 4300lbs in 94f VS Precision 5857 billet comp turbo 22PSI FWD T5 2 5L 3800lbs in 41f


Happy Memorial Day !


first and last time im doing this , NOT with cloth which i would have to redo every two-four years...sooou never again...... cleaned it all by removing it out of the car first ... scraping all the old stuff of with razor blade and then I used lacquer thinner to clean off the rest...took a while...I used SEM texture coating and flat black paint...


my 850 dyno




used my old hats cause they lock into the rail...

cant do this yet cause i need new 1000cc file from hilton first...

travis, i told myself " if i can do this lill baby mod without jacking up my R , ok i'll do it " and I did ...why? cause i can...lmao

metric threads with volvo oem nuts. 


new boost sensor to keep up with the demand. all OEM volvo mounting


well i jacked up the R to change oil and it looks like couple of my crank and cam seal might be leaking...i should have listened to those expert advisers that are capable to change their seals at anytime but yet they recommend to everyone not to change them if they are not leaking...i should have listed and took my chances with old seals and i could have saved like 100$ .

magnet looks great on the oil plug for taking it east for 3000 miles...


no one even goes there is that oil leak...

lol, every mod i do adds weight , thats why my R is 4000 lbs's a BBK for 850/c70/v70/s70 that im selling...cause i made my own BBK...why? cause two piece rotor are too light

those nut are not necessary...i tested it without nuts in sorta of extreme conditions and then i took it all apart to paint and since the bolts were long/sticking out I slapped them on just to add some MORE weight.'s actually faster than it appears ,as most locals find out ... did 5 different pulls with 2014 audi S4 stage 2 that does 11.8 on 1/4 mile , was pulling on him every time ...

here is one that starts at 60 for you and it is 3 miles short of 100 so add .3 to 5 second your 4t4 is a lag which means slow.  


i sure miss my 450awhp complimentary pooper scooper.



yeah...super bored when it comes to s60r ... did updated my 93 gas tune to ID1000 's injectors on the s60r with hilton... stayed busy with my 850 and c70 by making another BBK for c70 using same as 850 setup , R rotors and 2014 boxer's calipers shaving some of off the spindles and making custom brackets...just waiting on brake lines now.


hepta gauge pod......not all together but still...lolol


trying to stretch this project as long as I can...rerouted and rewired every gauge , put a dedicated fused line to all of them ...still have to weld 2 bungs and solder everything up...

Engine oil temp.
Engine oil preassure
Transmission Oil temp.
Air / Intercooler In and Out temps


finally supper my spoiler lip from Netherlands.. it came custom painted titanium gray 455 ...oh so happy , the R will stay grounded. 


it's more that in the vid below which was 400 at the wheel now that im running on E85 i would guess it's 420 at the wheels ....actually it maybe 430 with that painted spoiler lip .


really happy with my new 45psi max boost gauge...30psi one just did not cut it for me anymore.

also added additional 10hp with a roof fin that came of off 2010 s40 with a matching titanium gray 455 paint.


got some tires pirelli p7 , like new 245$ to my door...year made 2015...


babies and gentleman ...if there is such a about 30G?


thanks guy


 RIP to my friend John AKA Dream3R here on SS ... John passed away in a car accident last Friday...John and Rob Hilton worked together in perfecting the topnotch tuning that is available to you through Hilton tuning.  


cant wait to rape the highest #'s on here..."in all the wrong ways that they say it cant be done"

the end result plan is to rape and pillage until both travis and hilton will shiat their pants from the #'s.

until then.


and lill japanifold action


after 4 years of it being reupholstered, same happened on my wifies xc90 sunroof slider as on my R slider... cloth started to of the headliner is still perfect...thats the last time i redone that .  


semi are some courtesy pics of progress... very thankful of my machinist awesome work and a good friend Justin on ss known as 666lm.



its going to be hilarious when i push 600 all wheel through a 30$ shipped to my door exhaust manifold and a T3.2 flange...BAHAHAHAHEE


this is dedicated to all the high-school girls that like use braided and rubber lines around exhaust turbo-housings...


im like a comodian...lmao

this is how big boyz do it.


over 1100 hits since last post and nothing but...

85 milli does get lill beasty.


thats how big boyz do it.


locked weld them lower studs in.

i made 2 direct bolt on piping kits...


my old 420 awhp td05 20g on the left vs 35g on the going to laugh my azz off when i push 600 awhp under 1500$

and 38mm vs 44mm TiAL WG.

11-6-2016 all set to glue it all up as soon as my welder hits Sarasota...and then kaboom...


plucking along...


mine as well since im here...when you ride the crazy train like a wild horse 3 inch flex can turn into 2 inch flex.


i dont like things to break...

thats how big boyz do it...

to my machinist "Justin" welder "Alex" and myself fabing and designing it all.



last double checking / clocking...wg and dp alignment = perfectly flush and dp ported internally...aaaand dougys quote " thats how big boyz do it"

a direct bolt on... i like it all oem , nice and stock.

11-18-2016 im bored just waiting on hilton to CRUSH Travis dyno #.  

had one stud give...drilled and tapped in while manifold still on with a new gasket, cause i sure am not going to spend anther 10$ for a new time i have the exhaust manifold off im going to make all the stud M10.

otherwise flawless.


my new rs4 maf and newer style beetle plug that does not crumble...

and if it comes to it , if i need one ...the one and only " Dougy's style" the current purge valve will become the new incoming fuel 3/8 line custom made by me...the current incoming stainless fuel line will become return line...ding ding ding ...for all you turkeys that love to overthink and overspend your


thanks neal.

here is a great video for that , BUT remember to always take your meds or you will end up like the creepy troll that left his in-print above ... mods please do not delete any of my posts  

tuned with Mr. Hilton today ... and right off the bat a higher psi springs were needed in the WG...on this set up 30min to exchange.

making my own style fuel usual like none out there...3/8 id hoses with 3 microns filtration


an-6 coming in and an-6 leaving right past the ss bendy line that used to be incoming line...pretty simple ..good up to 1000psi..pretty useless until i put on FPR on the return line.


bilsteins are sooo purdddy.

came up with a way to bypass a pulsation damper without taking anything apart, thus opening up the return line on a stock setup ... yep "dougy style"


Mr. Hilton wants 4 bar at idle...4 bar it is.

i have a water/meth in tha's T-ed of off it...

you cant not just slap manual fpr on will need to have the software done as well.

under the rear seat bottom cushion going from passenger side to driver side .


still in midst of tuning ...

lol...just one more...lmao

Intake air before and after intercooler
Transmission temp
EGT temp
Oil pressure
Engine temp

other than AFR and intake air they are preset to beep/alarm if past max or minimum settings which i like and feel is needed.


first tuning file pulling close to 500aw ...not bad for 200$ JY engine that is NOT ported and on a stock Japanifold exhaust manifold , cause i like it rough.