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Vehicle: Volkswagen - Fox
Engine: 1.8L I4

Nothing special, just an Ebay purchase. 1988 VW Fox GL. Second Fox I've owned and follow as much as I can on builds.I will try to upload information as I go on this very long, slow build. Images to come. 


Nice Fox!

Posted by MPower on 11/25/20 @ 9:19:34 PM

I've got pretty much everything for the turbo setup. Just odds and ends and sorting out some brake and idle issues. Think I've got a feeling in tank fuel pump. Money is always the biggest hurdle of course😂

Posted by WhoGivesAFox on 10/9/20 @ 7:36:43 PM

Looks good! I like the off road look with the front bar and chunky tires

Posted by stevegolf on 5/22/20 @ 2:35:02 AM

Any pics? Love these cars!

Posted by diyauto on 5/18/20 @ 1:09:03 PM

Nice! Big fan of Foxes. Post some pics when you have a chance.

Posted by miatamatt on 7/23/19 @ 10:36:30 PM

I will, I just picked up some go fast parts too, so hopefully I will get it running well soon. Once I do that, I will gather all the parts I need for speed lol

Posted by WhoGivesAFox on 7/24/19 @ 11:20:02 AM

Sweet, any updates?

Posted by miatamatt on 10/9/20 @ 7:22:54 PM