Consul Capri

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By capri335
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Vehicle: Ford Consul Capri
Engine: 4AGE Twin Cam 1600

Total restoration over many years (30). This car really is my pride and joy. Twin cam engine and 5 speed manual g/box from a AE86 Sprinter. Looks great, goes well.


Nice choice with the Toyota engine, should give you many fun miles.

Posted by turboski on 10/26/21 @ 1:21:31 AM

Do you still have this car?

Posted by Diggymart on 7/12/21 @ 1:13:53 AM

Never seen one of these. Nice choice on the engine!

Posted by MPower on 11/25/20 @ 9:06:44 PM

I love the shape of these, I didn't know they were sold in Australia. What's it like with the 4AGE in it?

Posted by Jim_builds on 11/16/20 @ 3:13:39 PM

Super cool!

Posted by bdub on 9/22/19 @ 2:29:59 PM

Beautiful car! Don't see these every day!

Posted by stevegolf on 2/5/19 @ 1:17:37 AM

Nice, love to see some more pics!

Posted by miatamatt on 11/5/18 @ 2:29:39 AM

WOW!! What year is this?

Posted by Diggymart on 11/4/18 @ 7:04:36 PM

Sorry didn't see your comment until just now. My Consul Capri is a 1962. There were only 18,700 built. Discontinued August 1964.

Posted by capri335 on 2/5/19 @ 3:21:34 AM

That is interesting info! I think you can add year in main section and maybe how many produced. Wonder how many are still out there but yours takes the cake ????

Posted by Diggymart on 2/5/19 @ 11:32:23 PM


Posted by diyauto on 11/4/18 @ 12:55:52 PM