The Formula Atlantic AE92

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This was supposed to be a commuter for a long while.

It’s a bit rough overall but complete and has a rebuild engine (stock one went 390k miles) so I have a while.

I bought it because I have a formula Atlantic 4age I had picked up and really wanted to do something different like install it in a fwd car. Part to spark controversy because everyone thinks they belong in ae86’s but because i think it would mesh with a fwd platform really well.

For those who don’t know the Formula Atlantic racing series is one similar to F1 but with high revving 4 bangers.

These 4ages were known to see 11k rpm and make ~260hp out of a 1.6L.

Dry sump, individual throttles, massive cams round out the setup.

The previous owner did a very poor job of maintaining it overall with ghetto fixes abound.

After chiseling/wiping the inside of the coating of Coca Cola syrup it’s startig to seem like a real car and everything isn’t sticky! 

I added a momo shift knob and steering wheel, a set of recaro seats and I’m trying to piece together the AC.

It’s very slow but rev happy comfortable and great on gas.

I have a few more cleanup parts and plan to redo the suspension so it’s a bit less wobbly.

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Cool look

Posted by Diggymart on 2/26/20 @ 10:53:13 AM

That’s wild! Made me think of initial D with the special engine.

Posted by stevegolf on 1/5/20 @ 10:01:16 PM

Never heard of this model type! Cool! Bet the engine sounds awesome.

Posted by diyauto on 9/17/19 @ 3:15:25 PM

Hopefully!! Might take me a while to kill this one though.

Posted by Cuttyman9 on 9/17/19 @ 7:19:35 PM