Drifted supra

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9 year project, still not done. Built motor, head, r155 trans, custom manual steering, suspension, brakes, ms3pro,. Makes [email protected]

Major updates done and more coming for 2021


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Posted by diyauto on 11/8/21 @ 10:08:59 PM

New look.

Posted by Mattkev on 11/5/21 @ 6:56:23 AM

Nice! I really like the blue

Posted by diyauto on 11/5/21 @ 11:46:20 AM

I always had a thing for the Mk3 Supra’s. Yours looks fantastic 👍

Posted by turboski on 10/26/21 @ 1:26:04 AM

This is cool!

Posted by Diggymart on 5/20/21 @ 5:29:39 PM

Any updates?

Posted by diyauto on 12/24/20 @ 5:10:19 PM

Yes. Lots. Complete engine bay overhaul, rollcage, big brake kit, new wheels. Over fenders and custom wheels coming next

Posted by Mattkev on 12/24/20 @ 7:18:05 PM

Sick ride, any drifting pics?

Posted by JimL on 10/22/20 @ 10:50:50 PM

Sadly no.

Posted by Mattkev on 12/24/20 @ 7:18:36 PM

Badass, love the wrap you went with.

Posted by miatamatt on 10/9/20 @ 6:47:06 PM

This thing is sick

Posted by MPower on 9/17/20 @ 10:11:07 PM

What a beast!

Posted by stevegolf on 1/5/20 @ 10:01:52 PM

Updates? Hows its coming?

Posted by bdub on 11/6/19 @ 5:31:15 PM

That engine is beautiful!!

Posted by diyauto on 9/20/19 @ 1:19:43 PM