2014 Toyota 4Runner Limited

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I am NOT really a fan of major modifications on cars.  I strongly believe that any major modifications will affect other parts or components of the vehicle.  But, I did some modifications, which I consider minor.  Some of these modifications I did, include the following:

1.  Changed OEM Air Filter to K&N Air Filter

2.  Changed  OEM Cabin Air Filter to K&N Cabin Air Filter

3.  Changed OEM Exterior Halogen Bulbs to LED White 6000K

4.  Changed OEM Halogen Headlights Bulbs to LED White 6000K

5.  Changed OEM Halogen Fog Lights to LED White 6000K

6.  Installed Scan Gauge on top of the Rear View Mirror

They really looked good on my 4Runner.  I love them!

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Nice ride!

Posted by stevegolf on 5/3/20 @ 5:38:51 PM

Lighting looking great !

Posted by Diggymart on 4/19/20 @ 4:26:59 PM

Looks great!

Posted by miatamatt on 4/8/20 @ 7:14:53 PM

Thank you! I'll upload some more pictures when I am done with my exterior lighting upgrades.

Posted by SamDIYer on 4/9/20 @ 5:40:52 AM