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My name is Justin L. I’ve worked with Volvo for over 12 years. Started out as a lot guy currently a master tech. I’ve owned over 10 Volvo’s in my life. Will not choose another make! This is my dream build. I recently lost my favorite Volvo by hitting a deer and totaled the car. It’s was a 2004 V70R M66 Atacama. I found something to replace her by taking an ugly red brick and turning it into a beast. I’ve sourced the parts over many years. 2019 is when I bought my first house and I pulled the trigger having the space to work on this. The engine is from a Toyota Supra\Aristo 2JZ. I’m planning to go single turbo and custom intake/exhaust. I’ll be using a Nissan CD009 transmission and adapter plate. Going stand alone engine management to keep things in check. Can’t wait!!

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Holy crap! Def gonna be a beast.

Posted by bdub on 9/22/19 @ 1:59:07 PM

You are going to surprise some people with that thing for sure.

Posted by CCmyVW on 8/28/19 @ 2:15:30 AM

That’s awesome! Total sleeper!

Posted by stevegolf on 5/20/19 @ 3:20:17 AM

Nice! Will be a beast with that 2J!

Posted by diyauto on 5/14/19 @ 10:51:10 AM