1975 CB550 F cafe... SV650/Ninja frankenbike by verboten1

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1975 CB550 F cafe... SV650/Ninja frankenbike 

Compliments of verboten1 @ www.dotheton.com


1975 CB550F
we're going cafe with this one   :bigok:

and the new honda......

I am excited just got it!!!

some better daylight shots before I tear into it!

owners manual..


I'll get some of my parts up to you for practice if you want ;)

 guy on SOHC4 boards who lives in AA hooked me up with some parts yesterday

 (tach cable and wheels)

the front, with it's antique Kenda

the rear....I cant get the sprocket out of the cush drive..

a little bit rusty inside, and  few of the spoke nipples are rusted on, but it will clean up

the right tool for the job?

I did  few this way...but man, it was tough

so I got out the VERY RIGHT tool for the job lol

Rear done, took about 2 minutes

the rear really cleaned up

the front also really did too!

maybe this is why the starter button wont work>?

there's the rest of it!

I got the dyna coils mounted, cut up the cables, wired em up, and VOILA, fire!

it wont idle, so I pulled the carbs, gonna clean em up, they are pretty nice inside, surprisingly, but found some grit in there.

now that I know it will run I can tear it down, clean it up, and start on the project!

got some podwer coating done....it was my first part, gonna blast it and redo, powder coating is definitely an art.

I can paint, so I know I can PC

Now that it runs so well, I figured i better work on it a little.

I pulled off a few parts....

that rusty chain, and stripped out  sprocket cover screws brought out the old spoke wrench!

AND THEN......siince it ran so well, I kinda took the engine out!!

I picked a color, and sprayed the side cover today as a test piece.

I really hope I like it in a year