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Gabru678 Car Thread

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* Just a side note: I think this is the right place to put all the stuff I going to do to my car in one thread If not please let me know via PM and I will move it. Pretty positive it goes here but hey...*
Hey guys so I ordered my brakes from the Brakemotive group buy going on. and decided while I had them off I would paint them.
And this is how they turned out:

Why not paint over the old rotors? Not gonna use them again!

Remember to put a tire under the car for Jack Failure safety!

They turned out pretty good I thought. And I had used barely any of the silver paint. So I figured since I have my car up anyway and I liked the naked engine but not the Intake Manifold's metal not so clean, I'll do that too! So I took it off using the EGR guide method and sanded it down a bit. Used some brake cleaner fluid to remove the dirt and painted it really well. Like Really REALLY well. 5 coats, even finish, in places you will never see. ( I didnt think of that, I just wanted it to be a showroom piece on its own and forgot half of it is still going to be covered)

After that I did that stripe on the top of the engine manifold in red and STILL I Had this guy left over and did some small accents.

What do you guys think?